Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Car Accident

Well folks, I got in my first car accident on Friday night. Yikes! Luckily, it wasn’t my fault. And the older gentleman whose fault it was took complete responsibility. Praise the Lord! We initially saw the guy as we merged onto the freeway after I picked Kit up from work downtown. His car was completely stopped (in traffic that wasn’t completely stopped). I looked back at him in my rear view mirror just as the semi behind him honked. And I watched the guy visibly jerk his head up – either waking up or regaining consciousness. A few other cars merged in between his car and our's before he started accelerating so we lost track of him for a bit.

Then a couple of miles (or so) later, completely out of nowhere, he sideswiped us. Apparently he then swung back into his lane and hit another lady. When I called 911, all they wanted to know was if we were blocking traffic or if anyone was majorly hurt. Since both answers were no, they said to just call the insurance company. After the typical exchange of information and hour spent on the phone at home with the insurance company, we went to urgent care. We’re okay other than some whiplash for Kit and lumbar sprain for me. Here’s the car…

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