Friday, April 25, 2008

The Misadventures of Me & Daddy

This morning I experienced what might have been a traumatic experience. I, however, am a brave (and oblivious) pug and was not even remotely fazed. On to my story...

As you may remember, my mommy is currently in a land far away. I have been surviving with out her; yes, I am that grown up!! *Singing* (To the tune of the Pull Ups commercial) I'm a big pug now, do, do, do, do. *End Singing* Today when daddy went to get his granola and oatmeal from the pantry, I followed him in and proceeded to perform my usual duty of sniffing out my treats in the bottom of the pantry. Daddy, his hands full, then proceeded to leave the pantry, call my name and close the door. I did not follow and was left alone in the dark. I, being the brave boy that I am, just kept on sniffing. Daddy says he could hear my little paw taps but turned to see no Coco in sight. He soon opened the door and made me skedaddle - thus ending my adventure.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She Made It!

For all those interested parties, my mommy made it safely to Winnipeg. I've included a map to show Winnipeg's location for all geographically-challenge readers, such as my mother who didn't know where Manitoba (let alone Winnipeg) was location prior to scheduling her trip. *Look near the middle of the map*

Enough with the geography lesson and back to my story...

Though daddy risks excessive whimpering, whining and running from front window to front door to garage door at even mentioning mommy's name. He did say that she has been sick since take off on her first flight yesterday morning. She managed to loose her breakfast as her first flight landed in Chicago and all remaining stomach contents when she landed in Winnipeg. Since I seem to be having trouble with the DMV (apparently they have height restrictions for granting a driver's license), I am currently trying to recruit anyone willing to pick mommy up in Winnipeg and then allow her to drive his/her vehicle back to Portland (this second point is key as obviously motion sickness is a factor). If you or someone you know if willing to accept said mission, which will be paid via what I call kisses but many call licking, please contact me via my neighbor dogs as soon as possible. Tell your dog or any dog for that matter who will then bark the message via bark courier to me. I will then bark uncontrollably and possibly twist the blinds at the front window prior to emailing the pick up information to mommy.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

This blog posting will be licked from the internet 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


You heard right, folks. We went on our first family vee-cation last week! It was fantastic! I decided the best way to tell you about the trip was to create a photo journal. So here you have it...

We arrived in Sunriver to snowfall. When we awoke on the morn of daddy's birthday, this was the scene. Oh, and mommy and daddy made me walk in this cold white stuff. They're crazy!

I learned the beauty of vee-cationing is that you get to just lie around...much like my normal daily routine, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Daddy enjoyed the reclining chairs for reading. I enjoyed his lap for napping.

There's my mommy. Isn't she purdy?

I had thought that I would narrowly escape bathing while on this so-called vee-cation. But apparently I was stinky from all that walking around, shopping, driving and sleeping. Bah!

During the first few days of our trip, I enjoyed the heavenly bliss that is "table scraps" -- a pleasure I am not often afforded at home. Unfortunately, this little piece of heaven upset my digestive tract. After vomiting three times in four days and not going poo for two days, my daddy and mommy decided it was best to take me to the area vet for a little check to ensure I didn't have a blockage. The good news is, I didn't. The bad news is, that nice vet lady stuck her finger up my bum and took out one of the golden nuggets of poo I was saving for later. Sheesh lady! Didn't anyone tell her how rude that is? She also gave me subcutaneous fluids, causing me to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame for the evening. On the plus side, these next photos show of my fantastic harness daddy bought me at Downtown Doggie in Bend. It was a great little shop, and daddy even bought me a Spiderman shirt! I'll showcase that in a later post.

WARNING! The following photos contain graphic enlargement of the author's back. These photos are not for the faint of heart or overly sensitive.

Can we go home now? This isn't nearly as good as my bed at home that Nana bought me.

Hype, hype!!! We're home!! Why do I have to keep posing for these cheesey photos! I need to go to the gym build more muscle so I can evade daddy's strong biceps!

Look, ma! I taught daddy a new trick!

Ah, home sweet home!