Monday, November 24, 2008


So I somehow missed the part where the millions of women who have gone before me in pregnancy mentioned that it's not easy. Though I'm now nearly done with my nausea, I'm exhausted beyond any exhaustion I've ever felt (and should have gone to sleep at 8:00 but spend the last 50-ish minutes reading blogs instead). And now my stomach/abdominal/pelvic muscles are all doing their thing and causing this crazy straining feeling.

Did I mention that I'm tired? I'm headed to bed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Second Doctor Appointment

We went in for my second doctor appointment this morning. I was a bit nervous; however, all was well. He used that famed Doppler technology, and we got to hear both my and the baby's heartbeat. I read in multiple places how amazing it is when you can hear the heartbeat with the Doppler, but I thought it sounded much more clear with my ultrasound last time. Maybe I'm crazy - or maybe my doctor just has an awesome ultrasound machine and an ok Doppler.

All that to say, both mom and baby are healthy! Yippee!!

Oh, and big thanks to my brother Sean who assisted me in finally getting the baby ticker to work on my blog. Everyone pregnant seems to have one so I thought I'd join the fun a few weeks ago. Everything I tried gave me errors; however, Sean was able to master the HTML craziness on Blogger for me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Adventures of Coco, The Expert Bone Finder

Coco has taken to burying his bones in various locations throughout the house. One minor problem is that we have no dirt in our home. Therefore, he's game to try anything: my side fat, under Kit or me as we sit, behind clothes, etc. Last night he even seemed convinced he had buried one well because he stuck it halfway into a chair cushion, and I covered it the rest of the way with my jacket (yes, I was sitting on the chair as he buried).

This morning we had our usual cuddle on the bed after I got dressed with one minor change: he brought his bone. Before we cuddled, he buried his bone in mine and Kit's pillows. Since he can't have his bone while we're away from home anyway, I left it there.

When I got home, I promptly tested to see if he remembered where he buried said object. This is the outcome.

NOTE: I am pregnant and feel like I might lose whatever the contents are of one's stomach first thing in the morning if I try to make the bed. Therefore, our bed is not made. Do not judge me. Most of you probably don't even make your bed on a consistent basis. I, on the other hand, have made our bed (with occasional help from Kit) nearly every morning since we got married. So I think I can take a break while the whole nausea thing is going on. (Kit can't help because I don't get out of bed - also due to nausea - until after he leaves. So don't judge him either.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Update from the Pug

Well, somehow it seems that I haven't found much time to blog lately. Mom has been feeling ill much of the time (though the nausea seems to have mostly passed in the last few days) so I've been being the loyal pug that I am and keeping her company. This morning she slept in until 8:00 due to being extremely exhausted despite lots of sleep. I, again being the loyal pug that I am, got in bed with her for the last hour and a half and then proceeded to keep the bed warm (in case she wanted to come back to bed) until 9:00.

Other than sleeping a lot, I haven't been up to much. Just chilling and eating my most recent bone, which mom gave me on Saturday but keeps taking away whenever they aren't home. I've decided that it might be slightly immature to hork down the last knotted section in each bone (yes, I actually swallowed large portions of bone whole quite a few times) and actually untied that knot as well this time. So I'm working on that right now. Pretty good stuff.

I'm really not too sure how I feel about this whole baby thing. I mean, mom's looking a little on the chubby side and for some reason they keep talking about this baby. I really wish they'd talk about me more. I mean, sheesh, I've been in the family for much longer than this baby character. And I believe I stated when Joel was here visiting that I was okay with not having a baby around for a while. So whose idea was it to bring this baby character into the mix?

Have I mentioned that I'm clearly being neglected? When she's feeling really sick, mom even sometimes rubs her own belly instead of mine! What is this world coming to?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sick Days & YouTube

Sick days stink. (A) Because being sick is lame and (B) because sitting around the house being bored is lame. I am, however, trying to think of the little one inside me who does not appreciate me working too hard or not listening to my body's cues to take a day off.

That said, I was able to catch up just now on our church's hilarious Ruth In Stick Figures video from Sunday. (Kit taught Sunday School, and I was his teacher's assistant - good role reversal as I wasn't feeling well - so we missed it.) I decided to share all of the current videos with our friends and family who don't attend our church as they are fantastic. You can also listen to the sermons on iTunes or through our church's website (, which I would highly recommend as our pastor brings amazing truth every week.

Not sure how many episodes are left, but I'll try to remember to post them as they become available.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Second Maternity Purchase, First Baby Purchase

As anyone who has been pregnant knows, your body begins to redistribute weight long before you technically start "showing." I find this fact obnoxious, especially in light of the fact that I already feel like poo most of the time. I know we ate the apple first, but it really is lame that we not only have at least the first trimester worth of nausea, exhaustion, lightheaded dizziness, etc., but also that during that time 95% of innocent bystanders have no idea we are pregnant.

That said, I am very excited to be pregnant!! Some of my pants (including all of my jeans) have become too snug to be comfortable. Last weekend I went to Nordstrom to purchase a Bella Band, which is a microfiber object designed to help keeping tight, pre-pregnancy pants on while unzipped/buttoned and loose maternity pants on while they're still too big. (See below for my photo demostration - can you tell I'm excited about my new camera?) Some utterly foolish executive at Nordstom has apparently decided to sell their entire maternity line online and not in stores. So I ordered a Bella Band through the website in the store so that I could have free shipping. The only problem is, delivery isn't supposed to happen until November 13th. Last weekend I thought I could wait. By this weekend, I knew I couldn't. So today I went to one of the few shops in Portland that sells Bella Bands and bought one. I'm not wearing the best pants for testing it with, but I think I really like it.

I currently have a bit of a baby bump, which gets much larger when I'm bloated. Oh the joys!

While checking out shops with baby and maternity stuff, I came upon another shop (hubby, thanks for finding it online). In this shop, I was finally able to find a baby item to purchase! I've been looking far and wide for a small item that is generic enough for both a boy or a girl so that we can have a cute baby thing around the house. I'm glad I didn't find anything sooner because I love this onesie!!

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, not quite yet. But my birthday will be occurring shortly. Therefore, my amazing husband took me shopping today!! Originally, he thought he wanted to surprise me with my present, but then he decided he wanted me to pick it out to ensure I got just what I wanted. Do I have a great husband or what? (Note: If you answered or what, chances are you haven't actually met my husband because he's great!)

This morning we headed first thing (aka around 11am - I blame it on the pregnancy, getting going is slow these days) to Best Buy in order to purchase my new digital camera!!! We had a huge praise-the-Lord moment when the first salesman to come talk to us ended up being our new neighbor! Apparently, he is a professional photographer and also works as Best Buy and his wife works a Claim Jumper (all of which explains why we've had such a hard time understanding what they did since they're both gone at random times). Anyway, back to the story. We explained to him what we were looking for and he pointed us toward a nice little camera that cost half of our budgeted amount! He explained the truth about megapixels and recommended the same camera he has (though I'd assume not for his business since you'd definitely need a different camera to to professional photography).

We decided to go with the camera, got a new memory card (the one from our old camera was 512mb, meaning very few pictures could be stored when using this new camera which takes incredibly better quality photos that our old, cheap camera), and got a nice case (neighbor guy recommended a zipper one since I'm planning to carry the camera in my purse to keep it from getting yicky stuff in it - genius idea that didn't occur to me until he mentioned it). Oh, and this new camera doesn't use a bagillion AA bateries - just one rechargeable battery so we won't have to be continually carrying around AAs when using the camera!

Here are some of my first photos...

Of course, Coco was my first subject.

Then a self portrait.

Coco in his regal pose.

I was attempting to take a photo of Coco and I. At the last moment, he ducked out.

Eventually, I was able to get the mommy/pug shot.

And just so all of Kit's fans don't become irate and start boycotting our blog, he is gone for the evening and wasn't available for the photoshoot. (Despite buying the camera this morning, I didn't charge the battery until late afternoon as I was out and about this afternoon.)