Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Much for the Five Year Plan

As folks who know my parents know, they're planners. If something can be planned, they will. And ever since they got married three years ago, they've had a five year plan. It has remained at five years (aka never become 4 or even 3 years) because one year after getting married they bought a house (not in the original 5 year plans until the end of the 5 years) and during their second year they bought me. The joke was briefly that the third year must, therefore, mean a baby. But mommy and daddy assured folks that obviously the Lord was blessing their five year plan because they hadn't gotten pregnant. All that changed just as their third year was coming to a close. That's right, mommy's pregnant!!

To answer most of your questions:
- This is a surprise baby.
- Mommy's been quite sick for the past few weeks and continue to be sick.

Mommy's 9 weeks today. Her due date is May 27th based on dates and June 1st based on the size of the baby. His/her heartbeat was 173 BPM at mommy's first doctor's appointment on Monday, and the doctor said he/she is healthy. Praise the Lord!

Here are the ultrasound photos from Monday. We labeled a closeup for your convenience (and then put a non-labeled version of the same closeup - which is also repeated in the center photo of the three photo sheet). Don't quote us on the facial details because we might be making up the fact that you can see the nose and mouth (though the eyes and hands are for sure). Mommy was quite in awe of the whole ultrasound and managed to not ask a single question while it was in progress. Luckily, daddy was there and asked a lot of questions. In all of the pictures, the baby's head is the top round section and his/her body is the bottom round section. If you click the pictures, you can zoom in a bit for a better look.

And for those of you who know my beautiful Auntie Kirsten, click here. She and mommy have basically the same due date (one day off based on dates but the same day based on the baby's size). Crazy, huh?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mass Update

Yes, mommy and I did just spend the last two hours getting the world updated on our lives. Hey, better late than never, right? If your returning to our blog in spite of our lack of timeliness in posting, make sure you back track all the way to September 13th as that is where we started our evening.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Sad Day...

We have officially reached the end of an era in the Wagner household. Though Coco has two kitties still in playing action, his favorite of the three died this week. These photos were taken the evening before Coco removed her body from her incredibly large head.

Note: Coco removed her squeaker a long time ago, thus the hole in the back of her head.

Our heartbroken little pug...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Car Accident

Well folks, I got in my first car accident on Friday night. Yikes! Luckily, it wasn’t my fault. And the older gentleman whose fault it was took complete responsibility. Praise the Lord! We initially saw the guy as we merged onto the freeway after I picked Kit up from work downtown. His car was completely stopped (in traffic that wasn’t completely stopped). I looked back at him in my rear view mirror just as the semi behind him honked. And I watched the guy visibly jerk his head up – either waking up or regaining consciousness. A few other cars merged in between his car and our's before he started accelerating so we lost track of him for a bit.

Then a couple of miles (or so) later, completely out of nowhere, he sideswiped us. Apparently he then swung back into his lane and hit another lady. When I called 911, all they wanted to know was if we were blocking traffic or if anyone was majorly hurt. Since both answers were no, they said to just call the insurance company. After the typical exchange of information and hour spent on the phone at home with the insurance company, we went to urgent care. We’re okay other than some whiplash for Kit and lumbar sprain for me. Here’s the car…

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yippee! I’m officially two years old! As any normal person knows, that means I’m 14 in dog years. And that means that, in another 1.714 months, I’ll be 16. Can you say driver’s license? Daddy thought of me when he and mommy were buying my food this month and bought me some yummy dog yogurt – you might call it dogurt.

They also bought my this great fishy…

And this fantastic chicken, my new favorite toy!!