Saturday, February 28, 2009

Popeye Pug Treats

My dad is tremendaddyous. Lately he's been making me yummy homemade dog treats. Today's delectable concoction - Popeye Pug Treats. Delish!

These newest treats contain daddy's home-ground oat and rice flours just like the others. And he even let me lick the bowl! He's the bestest daddy ever!

First Book

Today I found the perfect first book for Ellie, I'll Teach My Dog a Lot of Words. Given that she's my daughter, she's bound to be talkative and bossy. I'm sure Coco will be the recipient of many school lessons as she pretends to be a teacher.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Quote from My Hubby

On Wednesday night Kit went with me in search of balloons and flowers for my coworkers birthday. Her favorite color is orange so I had plans to get six orange balloons and six white ballons and a bouquet of orange flowers to decorate her desk area.

After trying three stores (two party stores and a dollar store) for balloons, all of which had closed business (as in shut down completely, signs removed, etc.), we ended up at Safeway. We found beautiful orange flowers and a Happy Birthday balloon. It was getting late (probably around 7:30pm) by the time we were driving home. I was delusionally tired and still trying to talk about various things. Clearly I wasn't being very coherent because Kit looked at me lovingly and said...

"Just stop thinking."

Oh, and I truly hope that the context of this story is correct. Though I know both the scenario and the quote occurred, my mind is a little fuzzy as to whether they both happened together or whether he said this in a totally different scenario. I can't ask Kit right now so I guess I'll just hope I have it write and tell myself, "Just stop writing."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go Blazers!

Hello, Coco here! Today mommy and daddy did something really cool! They went to the Blazers game, ate lots of food AND brought me back coupons for two free Chalupas! Yippee! The Blazers scored over 100 points (116-87 to be exact) so everyone there got free Chalupas. I don't really know what Chalupas are, but I know they are food and they come from Taco Bell so I'm excited!

Mommy didn't take her purse and thus forgot the camera at home. But we took some photos when they got back of them in their Blazers' colors. And check out my Blazer-esk new collar they bought me last weekend - all black and dead sexy.

Thanks to mom's ingenuity, they got a special take-home cup that also came with refills much cheaper than buying two sodas. And note those beautiful green pieces of paper - my tickets to Taco Bell heaven!

Dad doing the Blazers' shuffle after taking me potty.

Mom! You didn't count to three!

Those Chalupa coupons were within my grasp...

Mommy tasted yummy! Like polish sausage, soda, licorice rope, snow cone, chicken tenders and french fries. Eatin' was good at the Rose Garden!


I think I got all the leftovers.

Oh wait, there was a little more right there on mom's mouth!

Don't worry, she's not trying to choke me. She's just trying to keep me still for the photo. What can I say, I'm an active guy.

P.S. Thanks go to mommy and daddy's wonderful real estate agent who gave them the amazing tickets! Section 103, Row K!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bump Update

Here I am at 26 weeks, 2 days.

I find taking good photos like these (who seriously looks good standing sideways and then facing the camera??) to be quite challenging. Although my hubby has graciously tried hard to assist me, I end up making him take multiple shots and still don't like any of them. So as to keep myself from blaming him for the fact that I just don't like pictures of myself from this angle, I devised a scheme for taking my own photos tonight. I stacked a TV tray on top of a chair. Genius, huh?

Pug Love

So as not to cause Coco to feel too unloved despite his blog having been taken over by his mom, here are a couple of cute photos of him cuddling with me last night while we watched Lost online. And a few of him with his daddy.

Valentine's Flowers

My dear hubby bought me a beautiful bouquet for Valentine's Day that contained many different types of flowers. He's a sweetie.

Stubborn Already

Baby Elise is moving tons these days, including jumping on my bladder, tickling me, hiccuping, wiggling, sliding, kicking, punching, etc. She enjoys thwacking the dog when he's lying on or next to my tummy. The family member she stops moving for? Dad. That's right, she's stubborn already. It seems that no matter how much she's been moving around or for how long she almost always stops when Kit puts his hand on my stomach, even when he puts his hand in the exact same place with the exact same pressure that my hand has been. Rebelling already. Phew, looks like we've got an independent little girl on our hands.

Can't imagine where she gets it from...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Blanket

Initially I thought I might sew Elise a quilt for her bed and maybe have some other folks help with the bumper and crib skirt. When I went to look for fabrics though, I couldn't find any that I was in love with enough to know that I would finish the project. (Thanks, Steph, for spending all that time with me looking at fabrics only to have me not buy the quilt items!)

I did, however, find some adorable birdie fabric from which to make her a blanket. I'm in love with birdies for her room (the store bedding I picked out has birdies on it as well - will post photos at some point). So I somehow managed to make her my first blanket involving pinning. Normally I refuse to sew anything if it involves pins because I hate trying to line everything up. The receiving blankets I make require no pinning and are much less difficult. My little girl deserves pins though so I ventured and succeeded (just don't ever look too closely at the piping).

Here's the finished product...



(It's folded so that you can see both sides - one side is the birdies, the other side is the polka dots.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Doctor Appointment

Everything went well. The moment the doppler hit my tummy, Elise's little heartbeat came through loud and clear. Normally the doctor has to search a bit so I took this as a sign of her having grown much more in the past month.

My uterus measured at 25 cm, right on track.

And I got to take home my orange-flavored Glucola for my glucose screening at my next appointment. Bleh!

After my appointment next month, I'll start going in every two weeks. Can't believe I'm that far along already. The time is flying by!

Stretch Marks

Well, I had high hopes that I would make it through this pregnancy with no stretch marks on my ever growing tummy. I have three small ones that have come on since pregnancy and have old ones from growth spurts when I was younger. Although none of these are on my stomach, I guess I should have known what was coming...

This morning I discovered my first two small stretch marks on the lower half of my belly. Neither one is even an inch long, but I'm sure they'll get there.

Oh joy!

On a truly happy note, we have our regular monthly check up with the doctor this morning. I'll try to remember to post the info tonight.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Little Humor

I've been meaing to post each of these separately for a while. Instead you get them all at once.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bump Update

Here are a couple of photos of my progressing tummy. In addition to this growth, I am also experiencing swelling in my hands and feet (predominantly feet) that is quite unpleasant. I'm drinking lots of water and elevating my feet when possible, but it looks like I'm just one of those folks to retain water and swell even before the last few weeks of pregnancy. Oh joy!

22 Weeks - 1/22/09
(Don't mind my fleece pants and slippers. I was needing comfy clothes that night.)

24 Weeks - Today
(Yes, I'm wearing the same shirt. And the truth of the matter is that I'm now wearing the fleece pants and slippers from the first photo.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Most Fantastical Bone EVER

My grand-dad decided a couple of weeks ago to bring me something, a ham bone! It was absolutely phenomenal! Never you mind that the house smelled like ham for quite some time. It was worth every sniff (and lick and snort and bite)!

Thanks, grand-dad!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snicker-Poodle-Poos & Apple Pie Treats

Hello, Coco here. My daddy is amazing! And by amazing, I mean ah-maze-ing! He's started making me homemade organic treats. Yippee!

His first batch was of Snicker-Poodle-Poos, a delicious doggie version of snickerdoodles. But be forewarned, though these smell amazing, they taste to humans a bit too much like rice and not like a cookie. For us dog on the other hand, they are fantastic! One of my fellow canines has decided he doesn't like his other treats anymore. And another has started doing new tricks for these treats.

His second batch was of Apple Pies. Don't worry, these don't actually come in pie format; they're just like a little cookie. But they are ever so delicious, and I obey quite well when one of these is offered.

To make these treats in a cost-effective way, daddy's grinding his own oat and rice flours. What a guy!