Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kit as a Celebrity

So that I don't get in trouble I must clarify: No, Kit did not pose for this purpose. I used the photo we took for his grad school profile.

Me as a Celebrity

I have no idea who she even that bad?

The Happy Couple

Here we are in the car on the way to Kernan's flight on the 4th of July. Kit is ever-the-serious object of photos.

First MBA, Then....The World!

So mommy and I were talking recently and realized that we have neglected to blog about the most exciting thing we have to blog about right now! Daddy was accepted into grad school!!! YIPPEE!!! We never had any doubts in him, and are so very proud of him that we just don't know what to do with ourselves.

As anyone who knows my daddy knows, he's a genius! No matter the topic, he knows at least a little about everything. It's crazy! And the man reads like you wouldn't believe - everything from tying ties, to world history, to economics, to novels, to barbecuing, to yachting. You name it, he reads it. On his nightstand alone right now are a golf magazine, a book about secret societies, a trout fishing book, a gardening book, a Christian growth book and novel about mice. And his in the process of reading them all.

This post is dedicated to my brilliant daddy! You can take on the world!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wind: God's Clothes Dryer

Who knew the wind could be such an amazing clothes dryer? This Sunday I had the brilliant idea of hanging some laundry that normally takes ages to dry (bedding...Coco's and a little of ours) outside to dry. Using some twine and clothes pins, I put everything out and waited. In less time than the dryer ever takes to dry things, I was able to dry not only bedding but also my dress clothes that I normally hang dry inside (1.5 days to dry minimum) in a matter of hours. Wow!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Camping - Part 2

I wanted to document my first camping trip and decided the following three videos most clearly captured the fun I had. (Note: Our camera has not magically turned in to one that captures sound. These are silent films.) Enjoy!


Drink & Sleep

Coco vs. Mothera
In this video I am attempting to devour a moth...
and I succeed!

Camping - Part 1

We did it! We went on our first ever Wagner family camp out...which incidentally wasn't just a Wagner family camp out but a Kurtz (mama's family) family camp out. Because mama's family is so big, she kept calling it an extended family camping trip. But really it was just Grandpa, Grandma, and all but one set of the aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews (with a few friends thrown in for some extra excitement). Unfortunately, mom's rather obsessed with me so most of the pictures are of me...teehee!


Fun in the tent on the first night. Daddy went fishing with some of the other guys so mom and I chilled in the tent for a bit so I could have some off-leash time.

Don't I look tough? This picture reminds me of a funny story. While mommy and daddy were setting up the tent and packing, everything was going relatively well. We have a great tent, courtesy of one of Kit's uncles and his wife, awesome cooler, tons of food, my crate and toys, etc. One thing mommy and daddy forgot were their sleeping bags. That's right, no sleeping bags! And only thing air mats (which actually worked perfectly) to boot. Fantastic! So mom and grandma headed in to "town" (Mossyrock, WA - population 509). It was about 6:00, and they stopped at the little hardware store: closed. They asked a lady in the "parking lot
(gravel strip along the side of the road) whether she knew where they could find sleeping bags. "No, you're not going to find those anywhere. You're supposed to bring them with you," she replied rather tersely. Some people's kids.

Anyway...not to be deterred, mom and grandma headed to the grocery store because they needed some other items as well. Low and behold, in the front of the grocery store they had two (count 'em, two) adult sleeping bags: one black, one maroon. So not only were they in our family colors (aka red and black) but they were only $13.99 each. Woohoo! Apparently they just started carrying them last summer and run out most weekends...good, we're not the only forgetful ones!

Our tent has a little flap in it that one on my aunt's tents also had. Apparently it's a doggy door, or maybe it's for ventilation. Either way, I liked to peek out of it at the group campsite across the way.

Mommy and pug time. You can tell I'm very in to this photo shoot.

Fun in the sun. I spent some good time on the gravel under our picnic table avoiding the heat.

One of my aunts gave me a yummy bone on Saturday, which I proceeded to devour. I also found out that her dogs get these bones regularly and protested. Now I get my own small bones daily.

Daddy graciously shared his lemon cookies with me.

My perfect "May I please have a lemon cookie?" face

Mommy and I cuddling after her swim in the lake.

Nap time.

My view of daddy.

More nap time.

The view from our campsite.

More of the view.

And more view.

The swimming area.

Grandpa sleeping. :)
What you can't see is that we're all in a circle on the grass with grandpa snoozing. The sun (and therefore all of us but grandpa) kept moving so eventually he was almost in the middle of our circle.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crazy Television

As mom just posted, we joined the world of digital TV last night. Unfortunately, no one thought to consult with the pug first. Sheesh! Well, mom and dad were watching some show on OPB, fully enjoying the clarity of the programming, when low and behold, the television decided to let 76 (yes, 76!) dogs into my home. Who asked my permission? NO ONE! The dogs were some sort of sled dog in Canada and were barking because they were excited to go sledding. I tried to bark them away, even putting my front paws as high as I could reach and barking. But did they leave? No! Of all the nerve...

Who ever thought of this clearer TV signal anyway?

Digital TV Converter Box

We got our digital TV converter box (with our government coupon) last night. The TV quality is so much clearer than our antenna was alone - it's crazy! Since when does $19.99 buy so much these days? Anyway, the point of telling you that is because while we were setting it up our antenna, which has always caused problems because the power cord is just barely long enough to set it on top of the TV, managed to fall, not behind the TV like it usually does, but right on top of the back of my head. It's fallen many times but never broken. This time the fall was so hard that one of the silver receiver things actually snapped in two. Fantastic. :) At least it still works. Needless to say, I have a brutal headache this morning.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yippee! Tonight we went to Kit's parents' house to borrow some camping gear for an upcoming camping trip and came home with bikes! Kit's is fantastically teal...yeah, 90s! Mine is red and black...yeah for Carla somehow knowing when she bought it (and then rode it once) that her future daughter-in-law would love red and black!

Thanks, Kernan and Carla!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mama on the Scene

After spending the evening perusing the blogs of those I would probably refer to as "friends from high school" because I haven't talked to any of them in years, I decided it was time to transition our little guy's blog into a family blog so that we can all partake in the sharing. I want to ensure that everyone understands I love my pug's blogging and would never want him to think otherwise. However, I occasionally get the itch to blog regarding things about which Coco is blissfully unaware.

Let the family fun begin. (Coco also invited Kit to participate so we'll see what happens. This could get interesting!

Here's a cute picture of us from the wedding of our wonderful friends (who are new parents as well), Daniel and Becca Sue.

Grandpa Takes Flight

This past Christmas, my wonderful Nana bought my Grandpa some pieces of paper and a picture of a plane. I didn't really get it at the time - wrapping paper is so much better than regular paper. But on the day the loud bangs and brights lights in the sky came, my mommy and daddy headed out to watch Grandpa take flight. Apparently you can take paper to an airport in Aurora and get a free flight on a WWII plane. I'm thinking about taking in an old shirt tag I've been alternately chewing and saving under the couch. I think that would get me at least 20 minutes.

See, it was just boring old paper.

He was just a little excited.

Check him out!

They look so much alike it's rather scary.

Ain't she a beaut?

Watch out!


Yep, he had fun.

Luckily, he kept down his breakfast.