Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pool Fun

We got Elise a small pool before Evelyn was born and she's been having a blast playing in it.  The first night we went to use it, I realized I hadn't washed her swimsuit yet so she went it without it.  The second night we went to use it, she decided to crawl in fully clothed while I was skimming the bugs off the water.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Evie Jane

Our little Evie is already nearly eight weeks old!  I can hardly believe it, especially since I'm ridiculously behind in posting updates about here.  Without further adieu, here's the scoop you've all been waiting for...

  • Not sure what her current measurements are, but at her last pediatrician appointment two weeks ago she was 9 pounds, 13 ounces.
  • Size one diapers are fitting her perfectly as are newborn clothes.
  • Her personality is clearly very different than Elise's already.  She's very serious - frequently scowling while awake - and is also likes movement and fussing more than Elise did.
  • Unfortunately, we discovered at about two weeks that Evelyn has reflux like her sister.  Due to the aforementioned more frequent fussing than Elise, you would actually get the idea that her reflux is worse; however, she doesn't spit up like Elise did.  And her Prevacid is definitely helping a ton.  (On Sunday morning she spit out part of her dose and I didn't worry too much about it.  But by the next feeding and for every feeding until her next dose that night she screamed and writhed in pain.  No fun.)
  • Dairy, soy and home-cooked beans are not her friend.  So now I'm eating a ridiculously healthy diet since most of the less healthy foods that I like have dairy or soy in them.
  • On average, she wakes up once per night; however, she sometimes wakes up twice.
  • She's now on a fairly rigorous daytime routine.  I had been trying to do the whole feed on demand and follow her cues thing, but she was fussy and cranky most of the time when she was awake, finicky about eating and sleeping completely unpredictably throughout the day.  The day I started a 3-hour feed, play, nap schedule, she became a much more content baby.  She eats better, plays happier and naps more restfully.
  • She has been smiling more and more in the past week or so.  It's absolutely precious!  She loves it when people sweet talk her and sometimes rewards said talking with smiles.  Yesterday she locked eyes with Elise for the first time and gave her a huge smile.  Elise responded with a big smile herself and Evie smiled at her again a few more times.
  • She Loves playing for brief periods (5-15 minutes) on her play mat and frequently coos when she kicks or hits one of the rattle toys that hang above it.
  • She enjoys being outside.  She's quite calm when we go outside and enjoys looking around.
  • Her little hands and feet are just precious.  She has long fingers and toes.  And her big toes have this adorable little crease on the bottoms.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Elise has been talking up a storm lately.  She can often be found walking around the house or backyard talking to herself.  On Sunday she spoke her first official two-word phrase, "More cracker."  And yesterday she spoke her second two-word phrase, "Hi dad!"  This girl clearly has her priorities in order - first food, then daddy.

This morning I was able to get a video of her saying some of her many words.  She tends to speak quite softly in general, though lately she's been yelling, "Dat! Dat! Dat!" a lot as she's excitedly pointing to or looking at some object about which she'd like to chat, but I think you can hear her fairly well.

Enter chatter08032010 to watch.  (And don't mind my sideways videotaping.  I always forget that I don't know how to rotate it and start taping in the wrong direction, not remembering until a point at which it would be silly to then change the direction.)