Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Settling In

My lack of posting isn't for lack of material but for lack of desire to transfer photos from our camera, to the computer and then to the blog. I should just get over it and become someone who feels no guilt at posting no-photo posts. But for now I'll delay posting purely because I haven't uploaded photos...or maybe this will help me get over it.

I'll start with a few firsts. Saturday I trimmed Elise's first toenail. It was one of her big toenails, and it was starting to peel on it's own so I trimmed it. Sunday I braved one of her long fingernails, which went well (mostly because I'm used to trimming Coco's nails and he's much less helpful). Also on Sunday I noticed that she had her first hangnail on one of her little toenails. The skin around it was red and irritated looking so I trimmed the hangnail shorter so it wouldn't catch on her clothes. That seemed to do the trick and the redness was gone after a few hours.

I think Elise might have cried her first tears on Sunday night, but I'm not sure. I was exhausted and slept well that night, which meant that I inadvertently slept past the time in which she started crying to be fed. I didn't wake up until my alarm (which I have set to make sure we don't miss a feeding) went off. Not only was she crying heavily, she had what looked like dried tears next to one of her eyes. Maybe it was just discharge; we'll see if more tears follow.

On Saturday, Kit made us a delicious Dim Sum dinner as a part of a cultural experience project for his MBA program. He made Pork Shu-Mei and Hot and Spicy Squid, both of which were delicious! He even gutted the squid himself. Here are the photos from the dinner making extravaganza.

My brother, Sean, and his wife, Laura, came over Sunday night with yummy dinner and ate with us. It was good to spend time with family, and Elise loved the attention and cuddles.

Elise has been enjoying her tummy time, although she fusses through much of it as it seems to help her get out her gas. I pulled out the camera yesterday to try to get photos of her smiling during tummy time, but the moment I grabbed the camera she stopped smiling and started crying.


Unknown said...

What a cutie! I'm so glad that she is doing so well. I feel the same way about pics on my blog, it's like I feel guilty if there aren't any pics..lol..

Claire said...

Good food and cuddles? Perfect!


Katie said...

I love the 3rd tummy time photo - babies are so cute when they do that ooo thing with their little mouth :o)
Remember that this Blog is for you so if you feel like posting your thoughts without photos then do it :o)

As I leave my little messages I wonder, does it feel weird for a blogger to get someone they have never met leave them messages?

Hope you havent been exploded on lately ;o)
Katie :o)

~Amanda~ said...

WOW! I have missed so much not being in the bloggy world lately!! I know it's a little late, but Congratulations on bringing Elise home! I know ya'll are so tickled!! Exactly what we had all been praying for! How wonderful!! :)