Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Nana & Granddad

Because Kit's parents only live a few minutes away from us and because we always spend Christmas day at our own house enjoying our own little family, we usually celebrate Christmas with Kit's parents on Christmas Eve.  It works out well and we always love spending time with Kit's sister and brother-in-law who live in Idaho.  And this year we not only had their two-year-old daughter Boston, we also had their 7-month-old daughter London there as well.

Ellie and London hadn't met before this past Monday.  They were due a day apart from each other. Obviously, Ellie decided to jump the gun.  But London was a good girl and waited until the right time to come out.  Both girls are absolutely adorable.  When they first met, Ellie was tired despite having just woken up from a nap.  Loud noises have also been scaring Ellie lately.  So when London started loudly squealing and shrieking in excitement at meeting Ellie, Ellie proceeded to cry.  It was quite humorous because London was so excited and Ellie just wanted to get away.  But after a bottle and another nap, Ellie warmed up and decided she liked London.  Ellie and I spent every afternoon this week and almost every evening hanging out over at Kit's parents' house and enjoying time with the family.

Here are photos from the week.  I completely failed to get any of Ellie and London together, but Kit grabbed the camera on Christmas Eve so we at least got a few more of that day.

Boston got a Disney princess dress up box from her mommy and daddy as an early Christmas present.  She had fun dressing up with "Uncle Tit" as she currently calls Kit.

Ellie and granddad.

Trying to open the biggest present in the room a couple of days early. 

 A little further away for perspective.

Isn't Boston a cutie?

Ellie with her Auntie Kirsten.

Boston wanted to join the fun.




Boston got a pink and white boa in her stocking, which complimented her princess outfit beautifully!

Enjoying our stocking loot.

Opening Ellie's stocking since she and London were napping.

 Kit next to the biggest present in the room - his.

 Pretending he didn't know what was inside.

It's an awesome gas grill.  He set it up and used it Christmas day!

 Boston opening up one of the many movies she and London got from us.  Big Idea was having a great sale so they got stocked up on VeggieTales!  And I also found four Davey & Goliath movies (kind of a Christian version of Gumby).

Kernan will be getting his motorcycle very soon.  We're all praying he survives, but Carla has made sure his life insurance policy is paid up.

 Boston checking out the wrapping pile we created behind the couch.  She found throwing wrapping paper back there just about as exciting as opening her presents.

Setting up my new vacuum!!  Mine died a couple of months ago so I've been borrowing an extra Kit's mom had.  I had a blast on Christmas day vacuuming all our carpets and starting on our blinds.

Nana feeding Ellie.

Ellie enjoying her stuffed block from Auntie Kirsten and plastic/foam book from Nana.

The one picture I actually got of London.  She's absolutely adorable and has the cutest belly!

Speaking of bellies.  We got this same picture of me last year (even in the same shirt) while I was pregnant with Ellie.  Although I'm not big enough to fit into the maternity jeans I was wearing in the photo last year, my belly is definitely bigger this year.  And I'm only 15 weeks as opposed to the 18 weeks I was last year.


Sara said...

You are looking adorable!

Glad you all had a Merry Christmas!

Krista said...

emily, i am VERY belated in this... but CONGRATS on baby #2! so very exciting! woohoo! prayin' for you & kit! blessings!