Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ah, Summer

We've been enjoying summer quite a bit around our house.  Our neighborhood is great for taking walks in so we've been going on family walks (including Coco) and the girls and I have gone on a few walks just the three of us during the week.  On the 4th of July, we made a trip over to a playground near our house where we can't take Coco (which is why we don't go more often) and had fun playing.  We've also been taking drives as a family since I'm not far enough out from my C-section to bike and Evelyn's not big enough to ride in a bike trailer yet (though we did great a great bike trailer/jogging stroller last weekend that we're excited to use in a few months).  Here are some photos of us enjoying summer.

Her first slice of watermelon.

Her first taco from Taco Bell...she wasn't impressed.

Napping in the car on a drive.

Playing with the wood chips.

When you're Elise's age, you don't realize that park benches aren't actually toys.


Anonymous said...

i'm sure you've talked about where you live before but i can't recall... so i must ask.. where on EARTH do you guys live that you can wear pants, long sleeve shirts, and wear a baby wrap/sling thing that's sooo tight to your body in the middle of SUMMER?! lol very curious... because you must have extremely mild weather! *Megan from WI*

Emily said...

Megan, we live in Portland, Oregon. Although it's been in the 90s this past week, I think it was in the 70s on the 4th. And our heat, though more humid than the Seattle area where I grew up, isn't as hot of heat as many places.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's shocking that you've had 70s weather! its been only about 82-85 here lately but for at least a week its sooooo humid that we've had our air on non stop and my parents dont usually run the air THAT often! but thanks for sharing and answering my question :) *Megan from WI*

Susan Carson said...

Quit growing up so fast, Ellie!