Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where To Begin

Yesterday we took Elise for her follow up with the eye doctor. We saw a fellow NICU dad and his little boy there. It was fun knowing someone, and his little boy just came off his at-home oxygen the day before yesterday so he was very excited to be having his first full day with no wires.

Back to the appointment. The eye doctor has a special little waiting room in back for preemies while their dilating eye drops kick in rather than having them out with all the germ infested cute kids in the main waiting room. While the drops did their magic, Kit went to get gas so we didn't have to do it after the appointment.

Meanwhile, I realized that I neglected to bring Elise's pacifier with us. I've remembered every other time we've left the house and never needed it. Of course, the time that I forget is the time when both the technician and the doctor ask if we have it. Luckily, Elise was a trooper and we didn't need it. And even better: she no longer shows any signs of retinopathy of prematurity!! So we don't have to go back for another 6 months.

Kit made an observation yesterday. I've started talking very fast. He said he never realized I could talk so fast. I've told him in the past of my skills as a child and of my infamous quote in third grade (that made it's way to a framed dot-matrix print out from our cool computers at school after my GATE teacher found my response to her suggestion to basically stop talking and color just as fast as I was talking hilarious), "I can't color as fast as I talk or else I would go out of the lines." We realized that mommy not getting enough adult interaction has begun. And apparently the result for me is talking really, really fast. Kit said he's even having to mentally pause to take in exactly what I'm saying because it all comes so fast. Uh oh, be forewarned if you talk to me that I'm apparently back to my junior high girl fast talking once again.

One thing I forgot to mention in my last post is that Kit has begun testing Elise's musical appreciation. He was listening to music on Pandora last week and enjoying seeing what she did and didn't like. (Speaking of Pandora...has anyone used Slacker yet? I read about it in a magazine last week but haven't checked it out yet. Is it really that much better than Pandora?) Here is the outcome of his first test:

  • John Denver (especially Leaving on a Jet Plane)
  • Peter, Paul & Mary
  • The Kingston Trio
  • The Highway Men
  • Pete Seeger

  • Simon & Garfunkle
  • James Taylor
  • Cat Stevens
Of note, I would have no idea I was listening to any of these folks should they come on the radio. We've discovered that, although I recognize lots of songs, I almost never know who performs them. Kit's trying to teach me, but I don't think my brain is capable of remember such facts in most cases.

Oh, and today I'm taking Elise on our first car trip alone. Eek! We're meeting up with another NICU mom and her son for a walk since that's about all any of us recently released families can do. (Elise will be in her sling so don't worry about germs passing from baby to if any of you are nearly as mentally cautious as we are about her health.) I'm super excited to hang out with them!

On to the best part of the post...

Oh wait, I just downloaded the pictures off of the camera and don't have any new ones of Elise on there. Oops! We've been taking them on our camera phones so I guess you'll just have to wait until next time for a photo because I need to go eat breakfast with my hubby and then get ready to go on that walk. Sorry!


K said...

That's so funny. I just noticed that I read your blog really fast. I wonder if it's a subconscious way to keep pace with how fast I know you'd be communicating it in real life. I've noticed that you talk faster, but I've assumed it's because you're trying to remember all the huge words/explanations that seem to come with premies. You have a lot to communicate. :P

Amanda said...

That's fantastic news about the eye appointment. Noah blessedly went with me on Cadence's two post NICU appts. He said it was more trauma than he wanted me to witness. Forget dozens of long stemmed roses- not having to hold my screaming terrified preemie while her eyes are examined is the best gift for me. I forgot the paci once on an appt when she had a big blood draw. I felt like a terrible mommy. But I got a bottle ready instead and all was well.

I had to laugh at your lack of adult interaction observation. My poor hubby! Before I got into Facebook and joined a Mom's Bible Study it was pretty much just him. And I have a high word quota to get out through the day. When we meet for coffee this month, we can both work on getting some adult interaction in and our word quota out.

Hope your walk was fun!

Anonymous said...

Ok I will be the first to say it because you need to hear it from somebody I think this sort of music indoctrination sounds akin to child abuse. I guess unless it is just for the purpose of having other things to compare real music to later in life :) Brenda

p.s. Unless we are talking Grandma's Feather Bed - that is obviously a classic.

Katie said...

Great news about Elise's eyes - yay and what a little trooper doing so well with out her pacifier. I forgot the change of clothes with Hannah at one of her Dr appts and of course that was the day she decided to do a really noisy, explosive poo in the busy, quiet waiting room, which blasted up her back - lovely!!

At least you are not talking baby talk to everyone you see!! Think I would rather be the speed talker! And I am pretty sure I have done the same thing - I see an adult to talk to and I feel the need to get everything that I have to say out in that quick visit before I go back to having a little person who can't carry a conversation with me!
Have a good weekend!
Katie :o)

Our growing family said...

Hey thanks! I will have to get one of those for him! I also heard that some vitamins (b 12 and b6 I think) are really helpful!
Oh, and I accidentally just deleted your comment! Sorry!!!
Hope you all are doing WONDERFULLY!!!
And what are the odds of that happening to both of our hubbys! too funny!!!

Amy said...

YEAH for the eyes!

I have to agree with Kelly... I read the blog really fast too. LOL

And I LOVE the comment about recognizing songs but not knowing who sings them... That is SOOO me!