Monday, July 6, 2009

Inexpensive Diapers + Constipated Baby = Huge Mess

Update: I realized after I published this that I probably should have mentioned that it's the big size of the diapers that made them leak, not the price tag. I was just saving some money by going bigger sooner. The Pampers in Newborn size are still a bit big around her tummy but fit snuggly around her thighs; the Kirkland Signatures in 1-2 are big all over right now (even folded down), but she'll grow into them soon enough!


While my mom was visiting, I made a much needed Costco run to get some various items that we normally buy there. I also bought a box of Kirkland Signature diapers since we were almost out of Pampers. I bought them in size 1-2 since they don't make newborn sizes. I've been folding down the top to try to make them fit but have been secretly wishing we were independently wealthy so that Pampers wouldn't seem to darn expensive (and have been kicking myself for not going to Babies'R'Us with my coupons that same day - July 2nd - because they had a sweet deal that day where I would have actually paid a little less than I paid for the Costco diapers).

Anyway, on to the subject of this post. Our leading lady has been constipated again and, until today, hadn't pooped since June 30th, in part due to her mother's lack of remembering to give her prune juice every day. In my defense, she does get medication 5 times per day, multivitamins with iron 1 time per day, formula mixed in with her bottles, and we're still working on breastfeeding. But I digress. After two days in a row of actually remembering to give her prune juice, her little bowels broke loose and shared the goodness they've been holding onto for the past few days.

It stunk, and it was messy. And the too large Kirkland Signature diapers did nothing to absorb the mess. Yuck! Excuse the bad quality of these photos. They were all taken with my camera phone as the regular camera was conveniently put away in the diaper bag.

This is before she pooped. She was making funny faces so I attempted to capture one.

This also also before she pooped. She was bright eyed and enjoying her day.

This is when I discovered her. (The messy spot on the bottom left is the joy she shared with me today.)

And here it is all over her little side and back. Don't let this picture fool you. She was actually very happy after she pooped. That is until we went to the pediatrician's office for her four month check up and injections. More on that later...


Amanda said...

Well, glad you no longer have a constipated baby. And glad you weren't out and about when she had the blow out. Yucky. We found we liked Kirkland Diapers better than Huggies, but that of course is when they are the correct size, if they are too big, then forget it. Since I agree the Pampers are so expensive, I tried the Wal Mart White Cloud and they are terrible with trying to fold down around Jelly Bean's umbilical cord. I went back to the Pampers.

Don't be too hard on yourself about forgetting the prune juice. Like you said, you have lots of "special" bottles to make.

Elise looks so big and so much older! Adorable!

Our growing family said...

oh!!! darn diapers!
Hope you had a better rest of the day!
at least you got it in a picture to show her one day so she will know all that you did for her and how good she should treat you! hehe! =)
she is looking so plump, healthy and adorable!! =)

Mom said...

Welcome to motherhood, honey. This is going to happen (and often!), even with the expensive variety. Welcome to the next year to 1-1/2 years of your life!

my3sons said...

OOh nice mess:) Just wanted to tell you that I have three sons and used the expensive diapers for my fist. Then when #2 came and I had 2 in diapers we changed to Luvs. They work great and we haven't had any trouble with them. We used them for our last 2 sons and loved them. Just a thought. You can buy them in bulk at Costco I think, I know Bj's has them. Katie

Susan Carson said...

Ha!!! You can blackmail Ellie with that photo when she's a teenager.

It was fun to see you two today! Our little lady was such a nice houseguest. You guys can come over anytime!

Claire said...

Oh my! Well, I'm glad she's comfier now!


Trish said...

Like another poster said, we like Kirkland's as much as Huggies & they fit very much the same. I totally understand wanting to move up sizes since the newborns come in such small packs for such a big price!!
It will not be your last blow out & thankfully it happened at home. Better than discovering it in the mall parking lot on a day when you'd already used your last back up outfit for a reflux explosion earlier. BTDT.

Katie said...

Be ever thankful that Elise was wearing an outfit that didnt need to be pulled over her head!! My daughter was constipated until I drank some organic apple juice and as I was breastfeeding it worked like prune juice in a bottle. She had a onesie on and blasted out of the legs, up the back and the front. Have to say there was only one thing for it - scissors!! I was so glad it was a cheap, Gerber under onesie otherwise I am not sure what I would have done!!
Katie :o)

Sara said...

Oh, good grief! Is that what I have to look forward to?? Poor thing - at least she felt better. :-)