Monday, July 13, 2009

Sleepover: Girls Only!

Well, visiting hours don't apply to mommies and daddies. So Ellie and I are having a little mommy/daughter sleepover tonight! Kit's going to spend the night at home with Coco and will come early in the morning to be here to help me get Elise back home after discharge. We were originally planning to bring her home today, but since hospital policy says babies her age have to stay overnight after anesthesia, we're here for the night. The nice thing is that they have a fold-out cot I can sleep on. The room seems to be getting hotter and hotter as the day wears on so I need to figure out how to turn the heat down.

Elise has done well all day. She's been very sleepy and groggy but doesn't seem to be in very much pain. They took the pressure dressing off around 1:30. She still has her IV in, but they haven't used it since we got to her room. When we first got to the room, they were going to give her IV fluids, but she took a large bottle right away and has been keeping well hydrated so they haven't had to do so.

It's strange being back in the hospital (though we not at the same hospital where she was in the NICU), but it's also semi-familiar/comfortable and much nicer to be in our own room. Breastfeeding moms even get free meals so between that and the cable, I feel like I'm on vacation. The nurses have even changed about half of her diaper so I'm getting a little break. Plus, you can't feel guilty for not doing housework when you aren't at home.

Here are photos from our last few days as well as from today.

She's full of serious looks.

Loving looking at her daddy.

"Really guys, don't you have enough photos already?"

"Yep, I'm this cool."

Enjoying her new recliner. While my mom was here, I found this amazing microfiber recliner at Costco. It was a great deal and is ridiculously comfortable! Since Ellie has to be held upright for at least 30 minutes after eating, it was becoming necessary for me to have somewhere comfortable to recline in the middle of the night so that I can get some extra sleep.

Cutest wink ever!!

At the hospital this morning in her new outfit from Nana.

And then changed into her hospital gown. 100% polyester. Classy.

A bit ticked with mommy for not feeding her. She was very hungry, and we had to wait quite a while before her procedure.

A sleepy daddy. I inadvertently turned off the alarm without getting up this morning. Luckily, Ellie woke us up (albeit 40 minutes after I had planned to get up).

Post-procedure. I didn't take a picture of her pressure dressing, but you can see the top of it sticking out of her diaper. They actually put the catheter into her hip area on the right side. You can see the little splint sticking out of the blanket as well. She had to have that on while the pressure dressing was on in order to keep her leg straight.

Snoozing. She's been sleeping in my arms most of the day.

Look how cute those chubby little toes are.

Where she is now.


Amanda said...

So precious! Glad everything went well. Enjoy the free food (and not having to cook and do the dishes!) and the HGTV :)

Stephanie said...

She's sooo adorable!!!!!!!

I'm glad you didn't have to leave because I have a feeling it would have been a scene..with me at least :)

I absolutely love baby toes! Hope you got some rest last night and you guys are safely home again today!

Unknown said...

i can't believe how dang cute she is!!! She has changed so much in the last few months. Hope you guys are surviving the heat and doing well :)

Triple J's Girl said...

I am so glad everything went well and you should be going home shortly! I just had to comment because her toes look just like my oldest daughters! The way the 2nd and 3rd toe don't split apart like the rest of them! does that make sense?? I LOVE IT!