Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!!

Four years ago I married the perfect man for me.  The moment the doors to the church opened and my dad and I began our walk down the aisle, I said, "Shoot, dad, I lost it," and began crying.  The crying continued through most of the ceremony,  I was so happy,

We've had our good times and bad.  But the good has definitely outweighed the bad.  Not because we're such amazing people and have it all together, but because we strive to put God first in our marriage.  I say that knowing we most often fail because we're imperfect and selfish people. But we try each day to do so, and the Lord blesses us with the patience and perseverance we need.

Elise being born so early was quite a traumatic experience -- one that I know could have easily shaken our marriage during the most tough points.  However, I never once doubted that God would bring us through, and I never once wanted to be going through the experience with anyone else.

Some friends recently loaned us the movie Fireproof.  It's about marriage, and at one point the theme is studying your spouse like you did when you were dating.  When this concept was being described, I kept thinking of how Kit has never ceased to do this.  He's always learning new things about me and figuring out my idiocyncracies.  Sometimes he'll point something out about me that I've never noticed myself.  Usually it's something humorous, but I feel so treasured that Kit has taken the time to know me so deeply that he sees these little things and values them.

Kit's also great at letting me figure things out for myself.  I learn best that way rather than by having people point things out to me.  We have had many a conversation where I realize why something bothers me or why I do things a certain way to which he kindly responds, "Yep," as if he's always known and was just letting me figure it out for myself.

My stud of a husband even bought me my first pair of diamond earrings for our anniversary.  I could go on.  I am blessed.

Kit, I love you with all of my heart!


Kit said...

Geesh I love you too! And I say Yup not Yep...Guess we need many more years of marriage before you will figure that out. :)

Krista said...

yay! Happy Anniversary guys! =)

KK said...

Happy Anniversary

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary!

Our growing family said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
God bless your year!