Saturday, September 19, 2009

Photo Update

Here is a smattering of photos from the past month...

Enjoying her first outdoor play date.

Hanging out with her pug.

Relaxing in her bouncy seat.

Flirting Chilling with her boyfriend buddy, Anthony.

Showing off her serious side.

Humoring the parents' fascination with baby feet.

After her first wedding reception.

Taking advantage of the two minutes mommy left her with the pile of diapers to be loaded into the diaper bag.

Watching TV with daddy.  (Despite our futile attempts to thwart such behavior, sometimes it's handy in keeping her from moving around too much after eating in order to avoid bad reflux.)

Watching her first softball game.  Uncle Sean's team lost in the last inning but played fabulously for most of the game.

Another outdoor play date.

Not so into tummy time.

Showing off her cute tummy.

Thrilled with mom taking a photo after diaper change in the car.

My cute hubby.

Hanging out in the car seat with one of her favorite blankys.

 Looking cool.

So beautiful.


KK said...

She is so beautiful!

Sara said...

She is so beautiful! A real cutie!

Lissa said...

She is so precious and beautiful!=]

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Love her button nose it's so cute!!

Melissa Nickerson said...

Em, she is looking so gorgeous these days! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

She is a beautiful healthy looking baby girl! I love the picture of her with the diapers- too cute! And yes, what is it about baby feet that we find so irristable?