Monday, November 2, 2009

New Blanky(s)

A couple of months ago we started giving Ellie a little lovey-type blanket (with an elephant head attached) to sleep with because she every time she'd go to sleep she'd end up cuddled up next to her bumper and sucking on said bumper.  Cleaning bumpers is a pain so I figured it was time to try a small blanket.

She only had one elephant lovey blanket (from my mom).  She has another cute, soft, small, birdie blanket that my cousin made her that we use as her car blanket.  Lately I had been rotating those during nap times when the elephant needed washing.  Knowing how attached babies can get to their main sleeping blankets, I wanted to have multiples of the same blanket so that we wouldn't have major meltdowns or naps with wet blankets should I be unable to wash and dry said blanket in between naps.  When I tried to find more elephant blankets, I could only find matching ones on crazy mark-up online.  Unwilling to pay the amounts people were asking, I decided I needed another plan if I wanted to have more than one blanket for her.  I looked at a few at the store, but the prices were still high since I wanted to have 3-4.

So last weekend I went to the fabric store armed with ideas and a plan to either make more blankets like the one my cousin made (if I could find the fabric) or at least something with the green minky fabric on one side since Ellie loves the softness.  I couldn't find matching birdie fabric, but I did find some pretty flower fabric.  So less than $20 later (Joann's was having great sales and the minky fabric was considered a remnant since they were a couple of inches short of what I wanted), I was able to get the supplies for four little blankets - or blankys as I called my blanket growing up.

And if anyone is concerned that Ellie might notice whether the patterns on the blankets match, I was able to cut the fabric so that there are two of each with matching patterns.  So if she gets wise, I'll at least still have two I can rotate.

Ellie sporting an extra piece of fabric as a headband.  You can't see in this picture, but she's also in a wrap I made from fabric I found for 50% off so Kit thought she was a little hippy baby.

"Really, mom?"

Cuddling on the floor with her blanky.

"Do we seriously have to document this with more pictures?"

Part 1

Part 2

Thought this picture shows the color of her eyes well.  It looks like they're going to go brown like her mommy's.


Claire said...

What adorable blankies!


Triple J's Girl said...

Marlie ( 16 month old) LOVES her silkies! She sucks on the binding on blankets. But she will run them through her fingers until she finds the corners and then devours it. The corners are always soaking wet and almost brown looking no matter how much I wash and bleach them! And she's not a dirty girl either, I don't know why this happens! LOL But I have no idea how it got started or why she wants to suck on it instead of rubbing it on her face like my big kid does! :) Ellie is too too cute though, she is getting so big and beautiful! You guys most be SO proud of her!

Sara said...

I love the blankies - nice job!! Great pics - Ellie is just adorable!

Our growing family said...

Happy Birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear emilyyyyyyy,
happy birthday to you!!!!
Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! =)