Friday, November 27, 2009

Pictures with Santa

Today we took Ellie to get her picture with Santa. She definitely liked being the center of attention and seemed to understand that the longer she waited to smile, the longer she got to spend as the center of attention.

We decided on the way home that maybe she did so well with Santa because he seemed like just another grandpa. And she knows to be nice to the grandpas since they earn the money so that the grandmas can buy her cute stuff. Plus, grandpas are warm and make for good cuddle spots. Hehe.



Becca Sue Congdon said...

OMG!!! So cute!

My first thought was, "They took Ellie to see Santa? Aren't they worried she'll catch something? Like the swine flu?"

And then I thought, "oh... duh... nevermind."

Yay for Ellie's first encounter with the big red guy!

Lindy said...

OK, this is a brand new experience for Grandma - mama Emily made me a blogger yesterday (she put up a blog for my States & Regions class), so I think I can actually make a comment here!

We sure had fun with Ellie and Santa yesterday, and I'm thankful the many "click"s of my camera seemed to produce a few successful shots, since I am traditionally NOT a good photographer.

Ellie girl, you are so precious, and were such a good girl with Santa Claus that I'm sure you will have lots of nice surprises under your Christmas tree. Treasuring every single moment with you all here for Thanksgiving . . . love you tons!

melissa said...

Haha, I LOVE them!! Where did you go? Because he looks like a nice Santa.

MomMom said...

What precious pictures and what a fun Christmas you're going to have!

Our growing family said...

adorable! You look amazing!
what a great fam pic too!!

Kendra said...

What a little ham she is!!!! =)

Thanks for the tips on the bumper and the swaddlers. I registered for some of those halo sleep swaddlers, nice to know they work so well!!