Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mom-mom's Vacation

Ellie has added a new word to her repertoire in the past few days - "mom-mom."  She also says, "Mom."  Although she's currently using it primarily when she's crying and quite sad (teething isn't fun these days), yesterday she used it in a way that seemed contextual.

Kit took Thursday and Friday off of work.  And rather than have a vacation himself, he gave me one!  Yes, he is an amazing husband!  Although I didn't fully abandon my motherly duties, Kit did most of the caring for Ellie.

Thursday morning I just relaxed, caught up on various blogs online, enjoyed my coffee and had a nice chat on the phone with my wonderful sister-in-law, Kirsten.  That afternoon, I took the plunge and got my haircut.  It was fun to get out of the house, and my friend Maria is great with hair so I love my new hairdo.

Friday morning I relaxed again, a little more than Thursday as I even let myself simply sit on the couch enjoying coffee while having my near-daily chat on the phone with Kirsten.  (Normally she's running errands and I'm doing housework in my pajamas while we talk.)  That afternoon I went to Starbucks and had a nice time with my iPod, some blank paper (that wasn't blank when I left), my Bible and a green tea frappuccino.  Kit called while I was Starbucks to see if Ellie would tell me what she had been telling him sadly ever since she had woken from her nap.  Although she tried to eat the phone rather than share her message with me, Kit relayed that she had been saying, "Mom-mom," repeatedly ever since she had woken up.  So precious.

Last night Kit and I left Ellie with a non-family sitter for the first time.  Ellie slept the entire time, and Kit and I had a wonderful time being out just the two of us.

And without further adieu, here are photos of Ellie and of my new hairdo. didn't strap her in!

Trying to get into a drawer in the kitchen.

Just being cute.

Strapped to her changing pad but still rolled over and attempting to grab one of the birdies on her mobile.  Half of the birdies are sitting waiting to be reattached from past times in which she has successfully pulled them off.

Enjoying a story while out to dinner with her Aunt Laura.

Tasting her first lime with Uncle Sean.

 Showing off her cute teeth.

She's long enough for 9-month onesies but her neck and shoulders aren't wide enough to keep them up.  I found her like this after a nap.

Side shot of my hair.

Front shot of my hair.


MomMom said...

Love your hair cut!! Such cute pictures. My grandchildren call me MomMom---I love it!!

Becca Sue Congdon said...

I love your hair!!!! Yay for great haircuts.

Jordan said...

Way cute hair cut! I had to get mine chopped too b/c I have a hair-grabber. I've followed ever since Ellie's birth ( I was on bedrest at the time) and have enjoyed seeing her grow! She's such a cute little girl!

Kimberlee said...

Cut haircut Emily! I love it, you're quite a stylish Mom! And I was laughing about the story of Ellie on the phone. We often try to get the boys to say "hi" to their grandparents but they stop talking the second we hold the phone out and start trying to eat it as well. Ha! I hope you're feeling well! Praying for you!

Heidi said...

Cute cut! It must be so easy to maintain. When ever I has short hair I found I had to do it every day. I love it on you. Hope your feeling well.

Krista said...

lovin' the new cut! SOOOOO cute! =)

Susan Carson said...

Ooooh! I love the haircut!

Amanda said...

So jealous of your vacation. Very very sweet of Kit! You deserve it! The pic of Ellie with her arm out of the onesie made me laugh. It's so funny what they manage to do while they are in their cribs alone. :) I love the new hair!!! So cute!!!

Amy said...

Love love love your haircut! Super cute!

Sara said...

Cute haircut!! I really like it. :)

Ellie is so adorable. I just love the one of her on the changing table! Diaper changes are getting more and more challenging for us too!

Melissa Nickerson said...

Two adorable Wagner ladies! Can't wait to here if Ellie will have a sis or brother!