Monday, March 8, 2010

One Year Stats

Elise completely shocked us at her pediatrician appointment today with how much she's grown in the past year.  The percentiles listed below are for a one year old not for her adjusted age of just over 9 months.

Elise's Growth March 7, 2009 March 8, 2010
Weight 2 lbs, 11 oz 18 lbs, 10 oz (10th percentile)
Length 14 ⅜ in 28 ½ in (25th percentile)
Head Circumference 10 ¼ in 17 ¼ in (10th percentile)

At this point, Elise is passing up friends who were born full term around the same time she was and friends who are her adjusted age as well.  We can hardly believe that our little preemie has done so well and is catching up so quickly!

Here's what she's doing these days...
  • Wears a size 3 diaper.
  • Is outgrowing much of her 6-month and 9-month clothing and moving into 12-month items (of which she got many for her birthday).
  • Still prefers army crawling to regular crawling but has proven she can do both with ease.
  • Has been pulling up to standing consistently ever since she started trying last month and pulls up on anything and everything, including items that don't support her and cause her to fall down.  Her little head is getting lots of bumps and bruises!

  • Cruises along furniture and in between items of furniture, though she still a bit wobbly.
  • Moves from standing to sitting by leaning her back and then falling down onto her bum.  Good thing she has a diaper for padding.
  • Walks a little while holding onto our hands but doesn't seem to like it much.
  • Is becoming quite the clapper.
  • Still loves to dance.  I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but the physical therapist commented at Elise's last appointment that she has never seen a baby of Elise's adjusted age who dances so much.  The PT even asked if Kit or I were in the music industry professionally because of how musically inclined Elise is.
  • Also loves to sing and prefers female vocalists.
  • Has added ga (with more frequency now), yeah, na and some other things I'm not thinking of now to her repertoire of sounds.  Dada is definitely her favorite word.  She associates it with Kit but also calls pretty much everything dada.
  • Has started making more loud noises, including a squeal/shriek/grunt combo that she likes to pull out when she's excited.  It almost sounds like she's upset so if you aren't looking at her when she makes it to see her smile, it's easy to get confused.
  • Still only has two teeth.  The two others on the bottom don't seem to be any further along than they were last month.  But she does go through periods of time where she's drooling, fussy and has one cheek that gets rosy from the teething.
  • Is still very serious quite often but then very happy when she isn't being serious.  Eating is one of her most serious pastimes.
  • Has formula three time per day (6 ounces per time).  Will be starting whole milk as soon as we buy her some since we only have 1% on hand.  She's ready to completely transition to her sippy cups and uses them during the day for her water and her afternoon formula.  We need to start giving her the sippy in the morning and at night since she doesn't really have a strong affinity for the bottle but part of me isn't quite ready for her to be that grown up yet.  (Now that I type that, it seems silly...she'll be going to straight sippy cups from now on.)
  • Eats three solid food meals per day.

  • Thinks Cheerios, avocados and scrambled eggs are three of the best foods.
  • Has even more hair that is quite frizzy.  She often looks a bit like a mad scientist with her crazy hair.  And in the back she's close to getting a mullet, but not close enough to warrant cutting it.
  • Rode in a shopping cart for the first time last week.  She and I went to Costco together to get items for her party.  Normally Kit does our large grocery shopping trip on Sundays, and Elise and I just do small trips to places like Costco, Target and Fred Meyer during the week as needed.  But because of her party we needed more items at Costco than could fit in her umbrella stroller and my arms.  So, after a call to Kit's sister to make sure she doesn't do anything other than wipe down the cart before putting her daughters in, I grew bold and put Elise in the cart (after a thorough wipe down with two antibacterial wipes).  She absolutely loved it.  She smiled at me and those around us.  And a few times she squealed and made other loud, excited noises.
  "Are you seriously taking my picture in a shopping cart in the Costco parking lot, mom?"

"Okay, one smile and then we're done."

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Sara said...

So sweet!! I can't believe she is a year old - I remember reading your blog when she was first born! Sounds like she is doing wonderfully - I love the picture of her standing under the table. One sock on, one sock off!