Thursday, April 8, 2010

Elise's Big Girl Room

Today marked the official start of making noticeable changes to our old "library" that will be Elise's big girl room so that Evelyn can have the "nursery."  We've been working for the past few weeks on clearing out extra furniture, books and random items that have been stored in there.  And today Kit painted the room.  The verdict?

We love it!!  Tomorrow Kit will be sanding and painting the dresser we bought for her on Craigslist while I begin my accent painting project on the wall where her bed will be.  And on Sunday we'll be picking up her new big girl twin mattress, which we plan to keep on the floor until she's big enough that she can crawl in and out of a mattress in a frame.  Then there will be many more smaller projects to accomplish.

For now, here are photos of the newly painted room.

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Claire said...

What a pretty colour!