Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kit!!

Today we celebrated Kit's birthday.  I could not ask for a more loving, wonderful, caring and supportive husband.  He had planned to get his MBA (while working full time) before having kids.  And now he's managing to balance work, school, marriage, one child and another on the way without even taking a break from school.  By the time he graduates, we'll have two kids rather than simply being ready to start trying to have our first!

Elise absolutely adores her daddy.  It doesn't matter how her day has gone, the moment he walks in the door from work her whole demeanor changes.  She smiles smiles that are reserved for him alone.  When weekends end and Monday morning comes around, she inevitably looks around when it's just me coming in to get her out of bed and says, "dada" or "daddy," as she searches for him.  And when he teaches her things, she copies them even if she's ignored mommy trying to teach her the same lessons for weeks.  He's already started reading books on raising daughters, and I'm so happy for our girls to have such a loving, humble and involved dad.

I also don't think I've ever even mentioned this on the blog, but since last July Kit has been biking over 20 miles a day commuting to work.  He gets up long before the sun and begins riding every morning while I stay in bed.  It's amazing.  And to top it all off, he's getting ready to ride his first century ride (100 miles!!) called 100 Miles of Nowhere that will involve him riding around our block 250 times in one day.

I love my husband dearly and am so thrilled to be beginning yet another year of his life with him.  And in honor of his birthday, here are some cute pictures of his biggest fan.

Her first time crawling in grass as she tried to chase a neighbor cat that was in our yard.

Most of our pictures of her look like this lately since she really likes to touch the camera and to see the pictures we've taken of her.

Enjoying every last bite.

Who knows what she was trying to accomplish in this picture, but it's cute!

Enjoying reading "her" magazine and sorting through the leftover envelopes and papers after we paid the bills.

My dearest hubby, I love you!  And given the smiles, giggles and kisses that Elise was giving you tonight, I'd venture to say she loves you too!


Sara said...

What a beautiful post for your husband! Happy Birthday to Kit!

Claire said...

Such a sweet post!