Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photos: Mid-July through August

Since I'm ridiculously behind in posting, I figured I'd do a few big photo posts to catch up.  Here goes...

A visit with the cousins at Nana and Granddad's while their parents enjoyed a much needed vacation.  This is Boston, the eldest cousin on the Wagner side (though she's not a Wagner since she's Kit's married sister's daughter).

 London is extremely talented.

This was when Elise first started eating whole pieces of toast without having them cut into bites.

We enjoyed some delicious marion berry pies this summer courtesy of Granddad's farm.

An attempt to photograph both girls together.  Elise started out in the chair, but this is the best photo I got.

 She wanted to wear one of my hair clips.  And eat a lemon slice.

 Trying out Coco's crate.

Wearing her cool helmet she got so that she can ride in the bike trailer on the back of Kit's mountain bike.

Post-pigtail hair.  This 'do reminded me of this guy.

Enjoying a PB&J on the back patio.

The girls' pediatrician's office moved to a new suite so they have been decorating.  They got to put their foot prints on a wall in one of the rooms.  I always wanted to do this as a kid so now I feel like the girls are famous.

 How cute is this girl in her halter?

She loves her some PB&J.

 Outside the best salt water taffy store in the world - Bruce's Candy Kitchen.  No joke.  Their taffy is hands down the best you'll ever have.  And I'm pretty sure you can order it from their website now so you should do so if you like taffy.

 Enjoying the toddler ball pit at a carnival.

 Elise hosted a pool party for her friends in August.  Only two friends were able to come but they are her two oldest friends - Anthony (right) and Roman (left).  She met both boys in the NICU.

 She wasn't too thrilled to be sharing her pool since it's rather small and meant the boys got into her personal space without an invite (not something that pleases her).

 Giving her oldest friend, Anthony, a kiss.

 Evie spent the pool party napping and working on her tan.

 Elise stole Anthony's yogurt.

 And ended up looking like this.

We went to our local farmer's market a lot this summer and early fall.  Each time Elise and Kit would enjoy a pastry together from a local bakery.  (Hence, her mouth stuffed with yummy goodness.)

Evie loves her a bath.

That gets us through the end of August.  More to come once I get a chance to go through them.


Unknown said...

oh my word! I LOL when I saw that pic of London!!! THAT WAS PERFECT TIMING!! So funny. And your girls are getting so big!! Sheesh. Time goes fast!!!

Susan Carson said...

Yay! So great to see some pictures. I love Evie as the burrito baby. And I think the shot of Ellie with the lemon slice needs a caption having to do with tequila.