Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random, Much Needed Post

I think that in order to get out of my blog neglecting state I should actually just write a blog post.  So here goes.

I am absolutely in love with my husband and with my daughters.  Blessed doesn't even seem to begin to describe how I feel on a daily basis.  Having two little ones is definitely a challenge and I am exhausted each night when my head hits the pillow, but I wouldn't trade this life for anything.  Tonight Kit was commenting as the weekend comes to an end that he doesn't know how I manage to do what I do all week while he is at work.  In my response to him, I shared a revelation that I had when Elise was born -- I couldn't do it without such an amazing husband.  He's seriously a stud and I am honored to be his wife.

Musings aside, here are brief updates on each member of my little family...


My amazing husband finished his MBA program last Monday!!  That's right, after 26 long months of working full time while also being a husband (and a dad for most of it), he's done!  His actual graduation isn't until December, but he's received his grades and knows that he will be graduating.  We're so very excited and I am so very proud.  Now we just have to adjust to what life is like without homework and classes!


My eldest daughter is getting bigger and bigger every day.  No longer a baby, she is tall and talking up a storm.  Every day she seems to pick up a few new words and she's gotten to the stage where she tries to tell us things that we don't understand and then gets frustrated that we don't understand her.  For a while, she was using the word (I use that definition lightly) "noma" for anything and everything that she didn't know how to say.  It has morphed it to "nummy" and may mean that she's hungry but more often than not means that she wants something or wants to do something or wants you to do something or wants you to see something or wants you to say something.  Sometimes it's quite challenging to figure out what she's getting at.

Her nickname these days is Chirpy Chick, which is both the title of one of her favorite books and a good description of her behavior since she's quite chatty.  This includes talking with her sister whom she calls "sissy."  She likes to say, "Hiiiii sissy!" and to "beep" Evie's nose (though her version of beeping is very monotone and non-dramatic).


My youngest daughter is also getting bigger and bigger every day.  She consistently rolls from back to tummy but hasn't mastered going the other direction.  A friend loaned us a stationary jumping toy where the seat rotates and there are four little toy stations she can spin around to.  She enjoys said toy quite a bit.  She also loves being held (much more than Elise) and usually wants you to hold her facing outward.  When she was smaller, her favorite position was lying downward on your arm while we swayed, walked around or did things around the house.

Her nickname is Chicken Little, which is indicative of both her loudness (her crying is seriously grating - one minute feels like an hour of how Elise cried when she was little even if Elise hadn't had her vocal cord damage) and of her more emotional "the world is ending" nature.  It's so much fun seeing how her personality differs from Elise's.  She clearly loves her sister and enjoys watching her like a hawk.  She also loves playing with her and giggling.

Oh, and I can't remember if I ever mentioned on here but she does have reflux and is on Prevacid.  I tried reducing her Prevacid dose, but it didn't go well so she's back on her full dose.  She's also sensitive to dairy and soy so I've been almost completely off of both since she was about a month old.  I tried eating dairy recently (after small accidental amounts having not seemed to bother her), but she didn't do well with it so I'm back off.


I would get a scolding from some of our readers if I left Coco out of this, though others will scoff at the fact that I included my dog in a family update.  Coco is doing well.  He's been having some problems with one of his back legs that he injured a couple of years ago.  So he was taking a herb mixture and is still taking a ligament supplement (older readers and those who know us well know that he goes to a holistic veterinarian clinic that we love).  He loves his sisters dearly and loves to give them kisses.  Both girls love him as well and Elise is always getting him in trouble by giving him paper or toys that he shouldn't chew on.

So there you have it.  I need to get going but maybe one day soon I'll get the chance to post some photos.


Sara said...

Great to hear from you! Sounds like your family is doing well and I can't wait to see some pics of the girls!

Congrats to Kit!

Anonymous said...

wow thanks for finally updating!!!!!!! it was nice to hear from you and to hear that your family is doing well :) Evelyn must be getting huge by now! congrats to kit for graduating (what an accomplishment, ESPECIALLY with having 2 daughters to care for too) and hope to see some pix of the girls soon!!!!!!! :) Megan from WI