Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sleeping Beauties

A few nights ago, we smelled that wonderful smell that can only be a stinky diaper coming from Elise's room when we went to go to bed.  We went in, expecting her to wake up since her door sticks, but she didn't.  So I ran and got the camera to capture her sleeping.  Note that she sucks on a huge chunk of her blanket (making me very glad that she has four of them that I can rotate to keep them from being overly gross) and that she had gotten out of bed before falling asleep and brought her Crocs back to bed with her.  She really likes shoes.

And for some reason I had to wake Evie up a few days later and discovered her sleeping with her little bum up in the air.  She, too, was sound asleep so I was able to photograph the moment.

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