Friday, February 4, 2011

Elise's First Tall Tale Story

Yesterday in the car, Elise started whining and saying that her leg was "owie."  Since I couldn't stop driving to go back and kiss her leg (which is what she wanted), I attempted distraction.  So I asked her if an alligator tickled her leg.  Since "alligator" and "tickle" are both words that she loves, she responded, "Yes."  She then proceeded to make up a story about said alligator.  We talked back and forth during this process so that I could clarify and compose the story.  I recorded myself reciting the story back to her on my phone so that I could document it accurately, and at the end of the recording, she says, "Yes," so I think I got it right.  Without further adieu, here is Elise's first attempt at fiction writing...

Tip the Alligator
by Elise, Age 23 Months

An alligator named Tip tickled my leg
Then he ate alligator soup.
Then he went to the park and went whee [rode the swings].
Then he went potty.
And then he saw a doggy.


Its A Corny Life... said...

this is my new, most favorite work of fiction! so cute!

Susan Carson said...

What a great story, Ellie! But you know the most amazing thing? The EXACT SAME THING happened to me today too!

Rachel said...

That's amazing what a great talker and to thinking not only is she developing average for her age but seems to talk beyond her age. What a little miracle girl!