Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elise is Two!!

March 7th



Yep, that's right.  Elise turned two yesterday!  I'm sure most of us don't remember much about our second birthdays.  So here's a recap of her day...
  • Played people and drank water while mama had her coffee and read her study.
  • Said, "More wet," as I took off her diaper to take a shower this morning and then walked over unprompted and went potty in her potty chair.
  • Moisturized her face after our shower all on her own (using spit she got from her own mouth repeatedly with her hand).
  • Noticed a sippy cup on the counter that someone left here during her party. We didn't know whose it was and were planning to send out a message to see who left it. But she looked at it all on her own and said, "Lua. Ro-Ro cup." I sent a text to my friend Lua to check. And sure enough, it's her son Roman's.
  • Colored a "pincess" picture from her new princess coloring book (thanks Williams family!) with a pen while wearing her new pink tutu.

  • Drank her milk at all three meals from her new sparkly heart cup (thanks Stuck family!) rather than a sippy or straw cup.
  • Poured yogurt with a spoon into said big girl cup and then drank the milk/yogurt mix.

  • Went potty in the potty chair again in the afternoon.
  • Tried to spit in the sink when brushing her teeth after seeing mom do so.
  • Played many games with her little sister, such as lean-near-each-other-and-giggle, let-sissy-tickle-her, pretend-to-eat-sissy's-hand-while-giggling-with-her, take-toys-away-and-give-them-back, and kiss-sissy's-head-and-say-sorry-after-accidentally-hurting-her.
  • Watched some VeggiesTales and some Barney, trying to talk and sing and clap along.  (One of our favorites is when she says, "Thank you, Lord," after some Irish characters in VeggieTales say it during a story about Saint Patrick.
  • Played the "Hi" game with mama that she made up a while back.  She usually starts by saying, "Hi, Mama!" (or whomever's name she picks) in a normal voice and waits for you to say, "Hi, Elise."  Then she furrows her brow and says it again in a deep voice or raises her brows a bit and says it in a high voice, then waiting for you to say hi back in that same voice.  It's a game she can play for a long times and one that induces lots of giggles.
  • Devoured her dinner - one of her favorites: orzo with red sauce and sausage.  And then devoured her dessert - another one of her favorites: M&M's from her Dad-Dad (Kit's dad).
She did many more cute things yesterday but those are the ones that come to mind.  On Saturday she also had a fun birthday party so I'll post on that soon.

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Unknown said...

What a poppet! Happy birthday Elise!