Friday, April 25, 2008

The Misadventures of Me & Daddy

This morning I experienced what might have been a traumatic experience. I, however, am a brave (and oblivious) pug and was not even remotely fazed. On to my story...

As you may remember, my mommy is currently in a land far away. I have been surviving with out her; yes, I am that grown up!! *Singing* (To the tune of the Pull Ups commercial) I'm a big pug now, do, do, do, do. *End Singing* Today when daddy went to get his granola and oatmeal from the pantry, I followed him in and proceeded to perform my usual duty of sniffing out my treats in the bottom of the pantry. Daddy, his hands full, then proceeded to leave the pantry, call my name and close the door. I did not follow and was left alone in the dark. I, being the brave boy that I am, just kept on sniffing. Daddy says he could hear my little paw taps but turned to see no Coco in sight. He soon opened the door and made me skedaddle - thus ending my adventure.

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