Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First MBA, Then....The World!

So mommy and I were talking recently and realized that we have neglected to blog about the most exciting thing we have to blog about right now! Daddy was accepted into grad school!!! YIPPEE!!! We never had any doubts in him, and are so very proud of him that we just don't know what to do with ourselves.

As anyone who knows my daddy knows, he's a genius! No matter the topic, he knows at least a little about everything. It's crazy! And the man reads like you wouldn't believe - everything from tying ties, to world history, to economics, to novels, to barbecuing, to yachting. You name it, he reads it. On his nightstand alone right now are a golf magazine, a book about secret societies, a trout fishing book, a gardening book, a Christian growth book and novel about mice. And his in the process of reading them all.

This post is dedicated to my brilliant daddy! You can take on the world!

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Unknown said...

Yeehaw!! We knew you would do it!! Atta boy, Bro:)