Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Portland Zoo (with the In-Laws)

You read right. I braved an entire morning on my day off a couple of weeks ago with my in-laws. I know, I'm crazy. Actually, if you know my in-laws they're a fantastic bunch of people. And you can't beat witnessing a one-year-old's first trip to the zoo.

Hey mom, you never told me Uncle Kit
was going to be at the zoo.

Yes mother, I know how to point.
But I don't think this aminal appreciates it much.

Next aminal, please.

You think that aminal is anywhere near as cute as this baby?

That's right, two movie stars hit the Portland Zoo that day.
And Auntie Em got to tag along.

Make that three movie stars.
(I'm trying for good Chrismas presents this year. Can you tell?)

Let the fun begin.

She's ridiculously adorable.

Hey, you! Unlabeled friend of the giraffes...
ga-zelli or whatever you are.
I'm over here.
We're both
so underappreciated.

Hmm...I think we're all a little tired.

Yep, more than just a little.

But she's so dog-gone cute.

Checkin' out the aminals via a wittle house for wittle kids.

Do this mask make me look fat?

Not fat, just ridiculous. Get this thing off of me.

I'll take this one.

Yes, I won! An animal of my very own.

Thanks, Nana for a great trip to the zoo!!

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Unknown said...

WHAT A CUTE KID!!:) Great pics Auntie Em!! We had a blast:)