Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best Buds

Well, today I've officially started hosting my first ever sleepover. Yippee! My friend, Max, a pug-a-poo, is here staying with me while his parents, Tre and Kelly, are on a much needed final fling before summer is over.

We're having a blast. When he first got over, we ran around and around - jumping on each other, batting at each other, playing with toys together and the like. It was a blast! After his parents left, we ran around some more and then settled down for a nap. I don't think Max is too sure about eating here, but he got the hang of it when daddy put his food on his bed (which he brought with him). We went potty outside, though I think we're on slightly different schedules so I'm hoping Max will do his number two outside later...I'm not sure I'm willing to share enough of my house to have him poop inside. But hey, what are friends for?

Max knows more tricks than I do so I'm hoping to learn a few of his moves before he leaves. I hear the ladies love tricks. Mommy and daddy have been giving out more jerky treats than usual so I'm pretty stoked about that. Here's a photo of Max and I sitting for said treats.

Not sure what I'm looking at...maybe the huge bowl of treats on the table in comparison to the small treat in mom's hand.

More later.

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Unknown said...

Ummm...the pug-a-poo looks more like an evil kitty than a dog...but hey, to each their own:) Coco looked wonderful:)