Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Pictures

So I realize that this post is two weeks late, but that's just the way it goes sometimes.  Here are some photos from Easter.  I had planned to put Elise in this cute little dress that her buddy Anthony got her for her birthday but made a rookie Easter mistake and didn't look for her tights until right before we needed to leave.  Said tights were no where to be found and the outfit had to be changed, which is actually a good thing come to find out because the dress is sleeveless and still a bit too big so it would have been falling off.

The dress she ended up wearing was a little big as well but looked cute despite me having to roll the sleeves up.  And she wore one of her super warm and adorable pairs of knit socks made for her by Kit's Aunt Rae.

I promise this wasn't staged.  One of her favorite books is her little Bible story book from one of the pastors and his wife at the church Kit grew up going to.  She loves to point at the people and animals and say, "Dat," (that) - a request for you to tell her who the person/animal is.  In this case, she apparently learned a lot in the nursery at church and was able to identify the reason why she was so dressed up - Jesus!

It was a teething day so she was drooling a lot.


Remembering that she had a headband on.

Removing said headband.

Daddy walked into the room at this point and she beamed him a big smile.

I love putting cute headbands on her.

Isn't she just the most adorable little girl?

And back to her very serious Bible reading.


Sara said...

These pics are adorable! Looks like she likes headbands as much as Payton does! I can't get her to keep them on!

Hope you are feeling well!

Claire said...

Oh so sweet!