Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bike Ride

As you should know if you've read our blog for at least the last couple of months, Kit and I got bikes a while back. We've gone on two 12-mile bike rides on the Marine Drive trail, which is absolutely beautiful. (Not sure how I've lived in Portland for six years - yes, it's been that long - without ever going on the trail.) Today I decided to be adventurous and go on the ride alone. Not only that, I decided to ride all the way to the trail from our house.

Though it's only 2.6 miles from our house, it's almost entirely downhill on the way there and uphill on the way home. Getting there was a breeze. Getting home, after having ridden 14.6 miles with my lame asthma and completely out of water, was not a breeze. I made it as far as Kit's parents' house (1.6 miles, much of which was the crazy hill). Praise the Lord that they were home. I walked in their garage (the door was open - another praise as I've been known to sit on their porch while Kit's mom was downstairs and couldn't hear the doorbell) and into the kitchen. Said, "Hello," as loudly as I could from the kitchen and went straight for the water. I had packed my own towel so I toweled off while panting and swallowing as much water as I could.

Kernan, Kit's dad, came up and tried talking to me. Not the greatest idea, but at least he's friendly, right? Eventually my breathing steadied. I called Kit to come pick me up because I was done at that point. Then I chatted with his parents while drinking and toweling off until he arrived.

All in all, it was a good ride. :)

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