Saturday, September 6, 2008

Old Friends and New

Mommy's best friend from high school, Melissa, came on Thursday night with her husband, Dustin, and their baby, Joel. Fun times were had by all. Though I scared baby Joel at one point by barking really loudly (causing him to cry - whoops), we had a good time. He wears something called diapers, and I think they smell really interesting. Oh, and he's quite the sharer when it comes to food! Every time the kid ate, I got to eat at least a few bites of whatever he was having! I got blueberry bagel, bacon, eggs, toast, PB&J and parts of a Taco Bell taco. Yippee!

Joel's a pretty cool kid. He turned one in May so he's about the same age as my cousin Boston. Like Boston, Joel likes to run around touching everything he can get his hands on. That meant mommy had to do some "redecorating," whatever that means. I guess it means stacking all forms of photos, candles, figurines, books, etc. on random high shelves. It didn't look so good, but apparently it was functional. They say people without kids don't have very baby-friendly houses. This proved true at our house. But I'm okay with not having a baby at our house because they seem to get all the attention, which is no fun for me.

Below are some photos of Joel eating his Taco Bell taco. Mom and dad had a lot of fun sharing food from their favorite fast food restaurant with the kiddo. He and I enjoyed the gesture too.


WARNING: This video may be entirely boring to all but my mom, the videographer. But she thought he was pretty darn cute eating and waving goodbye to his parents.

Oh, and Joel did finish his entire taco, minus about 3/4 of the tortilla and the portions that he shared with me.

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Melissa Nickerson said...

Thanks for hosting us Coco! Joel is still talking about that burrito he had...okay, not really.