Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Blanket

Initially I thought I might sew Elise a quilt for her bed and maybe have some other folks help with the bumper and crib skirt. When I went to look for fabrics though, I couldn't find any that I was in love with enough to know that I would finish the project. (Thanks, Steph, for spending all that time with me looking at fabrics only to have me not buy the quilt items!)

I did, however, find some adorable birdie fabric from which to make her a blanket. I'm in love with birdies for her room (the store bedding I picked out has birdies on it as well - will post photos at some point). So I somehow managed to make her my first blanket involving pinning. Normally I refuse to sew anything if it involves pins because I hate trying to line everything up. The receiving blankets I make require no pinning and are much less difficult. My little girl deserves pins though so I ventured and succeeded (just don't ever look too closely at the piping).

Here's the finished product...



(It's folded so that you can see both sides - one side is the birdies, the other side is the polka dots.)

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