Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snicker-Poodle-Poos & Apple Pie Treats

Hello, Coco here. My daddy is amazing! And by amazing, I mean ah-maze-ing! He's started making me homemade organic treats. Yippee!

His first batch was of Snicker-Poodle-Poos, a delicious doggie version of snickerdoodles. But be forewarned, though these smell amazing, they taste to humans a bit too much like rice and not like a cookie. For us dog on the other hand, they are fantastic! One of my fellow canines has decided he doesn't like his other treats anymore. And another has started doing new tricks for these treats.

His second batch was of Apple Pies. Don't worry, these don't actually come in pie format; they're just like a little cookie. But they are ever so delicious, and I obey quite well when one of these is offered.

To make these treats in a cost-effective way, daddy's grinding his own oat and rice flours. What a guy!

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