Friday, February 27, 2009

A Quote from My Hubby

On Wednesday night Kit went with me in search of balloons and flowers for my coworkers birthday. Her favorite color is orange so I had plans to get six orange balloons and six white ballons and a bouquet of orange flowers to decorate her desk area.

After trying three stores (two party stores and a dollar store) for balloons, all of which had closed business (as in shut down completely, signs removed, etc.), we ended up at Safeway. We found beautiful orange flowers and a Happy Birthday balloon. It was getting late (probably around 7:30pm) by the time we were driving home. I was delusionally tired and still trying to talk about various things. Clearly I wasn't being very coherent because Kit looked at me lovingly and said...

"Just stop thinking."

Oh, and I truly hope that the context of this story is correct. Though I know both the scenario and the quote occurred, my mind is a little fuzzy as to whether they both happened together or whether he said this in a totally different scenario. I can't ask Kit right now so I guess I'll just hope I have it write and tell myself, "Just stop writing."

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