Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go Blazers!

Hello, Coco here! Today mommy and daddy did something really cool! They went to the Blazers game, ate lots of food AND brought me back coupons for two free Chalupas! Yippee! The Blazers scored over 100 points (116-87 to be exact) so everyone there got free Chalupas. I don't really know what Chalupas are, but I know they are food and they come from Taco Bell so I'm excited!

Mommy didn't take her purse and thus forgot the camera at home. But we took some photos when they got back of them in their Blazers' colors. And check out my Blazer-esk new collar they bought me last weekend - all black and dead sexy.

Thanks to mom's ingenuity, they got a special take-home cup that also came with refills much cheaper than buying two sodas. And note those beautiful green pieces of paper - my tickets to Taco Bell heaven!

Dad doing the Blazers' shuffle after taking me potty.

Mom! You didn't count to three!

Those Chalupa coupons were within my grasp...

Mommy tasted yummy! Like polish sausage, soda, licorice rope, snow cone, chicken tenders and french fries. Eatin' was good at the Rose Garden!


I think I got all the leftovers.

Oh wait, there was a little more right there on mom's mouth!

Don't worry, she's not trying to choke me. She's just trying to keep me still for the photo. What can I say, I'm an active guy.

P.S. Thanks go to mommy and daddy's wonderful real estate agent who gave them the amazing tickets! Section 103, Row K!

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Our growing family said...

hi! it was fun to skim through your blog and see pics of your hubby and dog!
We went to a b. game last year and got the free tacos also...I think that was the highlight of our night. What can I say, we are easily excited!
looks like you had fun!