Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Buds

Last weekend we had dinner with Paul, Susan and Anthony - our good friends from the NICU. Ellie and Anthony still seem to be communicating to each other somehow as they seem to decide to start doing similar things (like rolling over more) at the same times. When they play, usually Anthony stares at Ellie and tries to hold grab her hand and generally put the moves on socialize with her. Ellie is quite good at playing hard to get, though she seems to be coming around a bit more lately.

Since Kit has told Ellie that she can't date for many, many, many years, Susan joked that they have a forbidden love. So cute.

We were given the fun job of bringing dessert to the dinner. I made apple pie and had no problems deciding what to cut into the top of the pie...

I was going to write "A+E=Love" initially. But I knew Kit wouldn't appreciate that. So I put "A+E=BB" instead for Best Buds.

Clearly a happy camper.

The adorable Mister Anthony.


KK said...

How cute. Now I'm thinking of what I'd like to write on a pie...not that I make pie.

Claire said...

What cute best buds!


mommybrenda said...

I had a nice time catching up on your blog tonight - and seeing little sweety pie in person :)

I was thinking on the way home I wonder if the smell in the cry room could have been disinfectant? we should check and see what they use, and see if there is some on hand to use before church.

Susan Carson said...

Anthony is counting the minutes until he can be with his sweet Ellie again!