Friday, October 9, 2009

Girl Talk

A couple of weeks ago my friend Christie posted a video of her daughter talking on their blog.  Harper and Ellie are about the same age developmentally so it's fun watching the two of them grow.  I was pumping when I watched the video, and Ellie was in her bouncy seat fussing.  Since I was in the middle of pumping, I couldn't really do anything to satiate Ellie.  The moment the video of Harper started, however, Ellie quieted right down and started listening (since she couldn't see the screen).

I replayed the video over a dozen times, and it continued to fascinate Ellie who started talking back, especially during the silent portions.  When I was done, I grabbed the camera and laid Ellie next to the computer so she could both watch and listen to Harper.  Although Ellie didn't talk much during the filming, you can tell how much she enjoyed talking with her friend in Alaska.

Enter girltalk09232009 to watch.


Susan Carson said...

Nothing wrong with her communication skills!!!

We love all the new pictures- what a ham!

Susan and Anthony

Our growing family said...

that is so sweet!

Martha said...

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

CMC said...

Yay! I've been SO looking forward to seeing this. SO CUTE!!! Maybe one day Harper & Ellie will actually meet in person :) (and I'd love to see you again too!) Thanks so much for posting this, it made my day!