Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So Far, So Good

Ellie seems to be surviving H1N1 quite well thus far.  She has a horrible cough and has thrown up three times, but she hasn't had a fever since Monday.  I've continued giving her Tylenol during the day as it seems to help her feel better.  She's a lot more clingy and fussy, but from what I hear that's completely normal for any sick kid.

She's actually eating remarkably well, though she's substituting two smaller bottles for her normal large evening bottle (and staying up later).  I think her tummy's just upset so that she can't eat as much in one sitting as she normally does.

The pediatrician called tonight to check on how Ellie's doing and was glad to hear that she's proving to be a champ about being sick.  Thanks for all your prayers!

On Monday afternoon/evening we were having trouble getting her to drink/keep down her milk so I cracked open a bottle of Pedialyte.  She drank about three ounces (one of which she threw up).  According to the package, you're supposed to throw it away 48 hours (or something like that) after opening it.  She hasn't needed it since Monday.  But the stuff is stinking expensive.  So this morning I figured I'd have a glass with my breakfast.  After all, I'm still feeling sick too and should continue to make sure I'm well hydrated.  It'll probably taste like orange Vitamin Water, right?  Wrong.  The stuff is disgusting.  It's like watery Otter Pops with some medicine-y flavor added.  Who comes up with this stuff?  Gross.  Of note, I did still finish my 16 ounce glass because, well, "waste not, want not."  I'll be pouring the rest of the bottle down the drain in the morning.


melissa said...

That cracks me up that you drank Pedialyte!! I am so entertained by that. =)

Anonymous said...

What a relief! Hopefully the worst is over.


Amanda said...

Glad to hear Ellie (and Mommy and Daddy) are getting through this like champs.

Pedialyte is so freakin' expensive. We go through a lot of it when Cadence is sick. Generic works just as good. And Wal Mart sells their generic brand in the little four pack of bottles (they look like Squeeze-its- are you too young to remember those?) and so you only open 8oz's at a time. I keep a single 8oz bottle in our fridge at all times (on the off chance it tastes better cold, all her other beverages are cold) just in case. Glad Ellie did okay with.

You made me laugh that you tried it too. That totally sounds like something I would do to avoid wasting good money :)

Our growing family said...

so glad that she is a trooper! =) she must be a tough chick like her mama!
You're right, that stuff is crazy expensive! We are using natural coconut water/juice for our family this year...same effect, just natural without any added sugar or artifical coloring! =) Not too expensive either! =) You'll have to look for some!
We add it to smoothies too sometimes if we are feeling a little under the weater!

KK said...

I can't believe you tried it, how funny!

Sara said...

I hadn't checked your blog for a while and didn't realize that Ellie is sick! I hope she gets well soon - and thank you for letting us all know that Pedialyte tasts yucky. I will steer clear of that stuff!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE update more often... especially now that ellie is sick... i've been worried about her that something may be wrong because you haven't updated about her swine flu in a bunch of days :(

im praying she (and you guys) are doing well with it!!!!

*Megan from wi*