Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Dearest Kit,

As we spend most of our day at home with a new little one again this Fathers Day, I am honored to have you as the father of my daughters.  One of the things that drew me to you when we were dating was the father I knew you would be.  The purposeful way in which you set about our relationship and talked about having a family one day showed me what kind of father you would be.

We like to laugh about how I always thought I wanted boys since I have two much younger brothers whom I spent a lot of time babysitting growing up.  And about how the Lord had very different plans.  I was asked recently whether we were going to try for a boy.  I loved being able to respond that we are very content with our two little girls and don't plan to try for a boy.  And that their daddy had actually hoped Evie would be a girl.

These past ten days have been a joy, especially because you have been there to share in them with me.  Seeing you with Evelyn in the hospital and the tears that came to your eyes every so often when you were hit with the awe of the baby girl we made together melted my heart.  As we've been home, I've been so blessed by how you've cared for Elise and for our home so that I can focus on Evelyn and on resting.

You are a strong man, a loving husband and an amazing father.  I thank the Lord for giving you to me.  And I love you with all of my heart.



Claire said...

Such a sweet post. So happy for you guys!


Anonymous said...

aw, that was a tear jerker post for sure, in a happy way of course! as a single college girl I hope to one day find mr. right just as you have found :) happy father's day kit, and i'm so happy for your little family! *Megan from WI*