Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mothers Day

In addition to not blogging much lately, I also haven't been keeping up on reading blogs either.  I use Google Reader for all of my blog reading so today (Tuesday, May 25th...forgot to post this) I've been catching up a bit in between housework.  I just got back far enough to read friends' Mothers Day posts and realized that I didn't do one of my own.

Last Year

Last Mothers Day was a bit of a difficult day since Elise was still in the hospital (a week and a half away from going home but we didn't know that quite yet).


So this year Kit was determined for me to have a wonderful Mother's Day enjoying Elise (and the fun of still having Evelyn growing on the inside).  The day started with Elise giving me my Mothers Day card and present.  There's a funny story about the card that I have to write about so that I don't forget (though I'm not sure I could forget).  The night before Mothers Day Kit asked me as we got into bed whether I had bought myself a Mothers Day card.  I told him that I hadn't and his response made me think that he was just making sure that he wasn't missing something that I had asked him to do for me for Mothers Day.  But when I opened my card in the morning, I realized why he had asked.  He had seen his mom's custom photo card along with my mom's custom photo card on my desk.  My mom's had "grandma" on it but his mom's had "mother" on it (because they didn't have a "nana" design).  I hadn't mailed them yet because both of our moms were out of town for Mothers Day and we'd already given them their presents (the cards didn't arrive in time to give with the gifts).  Long story short, Kit thought that the card for his mom was for me and gave it to me.  Oops!  At least I have an adorable card with a picture of Kit and Elise on it.  Hehe.


My present was a beautiful necklace with two name charms - one with Elise's name and the other with Evelyn's - and a small white bead charm on it from The Vintage Pearl.  I've wanted one since I first found out about them and even bought Kit's sister one for her birthday last year because I love them so much.  And now I have one of my very own that I've worn every day since.


As far as the rest of the day, Kit made yummy scones for breakfast, I took an extra long time showering and getting ready, we went to church (so wonderful to actually be able to go on Mothers Day this year since we were at the hospital with Elise during church last year), ew went to our favorite local Mexican food restaurant for lunch, I took a nap while Elise napped, we went for a drive along the Columbia River (enjoying some Starbucks while we drove) and then we came home for dinner and relaxing (aka neither Kit nor I remember what we did in the evening...maybe watched a couple of shows online).

Enjoying her pre-lunch tortilla chips and giving me a look I'm sure I'll see a million times over the years as she questions my sanity.

 I love this little girl so much!

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