Monday, June 7, 2010

Kissing Her Baby Sister

Lately, Elise has been pointing to my belly quite frequently and saying, "Dat, dat," (that, that) to which I've been telling her it's "the baby" or "baby Evie."

To add to the cuteness, she's been loving for the past few days to "give the baby a kiss" (open mouth kiss to my belly).  It's so precious!  I'm hoping we can catch a picture before Evelyn is born.

The other day, we were at the NICU reunion at the hospital and Kit didn't realize what she was doing.  So he told her to stop licking my belly.  He quickly changed what he was saying when I told him she was kissing the baby.

And at the store recently, she was riding in the shopping cart and gave me a couple of kisses, which she loves to do in carts for some reason.  Then a minute later a little girl was smiling at Elise and talking to her mom about Elise and about me being pregnant.  Elise then pointed to my belly and said, "Dat, dat," and, after I said, "That's the baby," she tried to lean over and kiss my belly.

Looking forward to when she can actually give her little sister kisses!


Sara said...

That is so precious! She will be a fantastic big sister. :)

I am so glad that you are able to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. I really relished that time as well - I was just so grateful to have Payton in my belly!

Cannot wait to "meet" the newest addition to your family!

Kendra said...


Susan Carson said...

I have pictures of the belly kiss from the reunion! They're on my laptop at home so I'll send them later. Yay!

Rachel said...

How sweet. I am so excited for you. My favorite thing was the year that my girls started to become playmates and friends! Now Violet is starting to join in the sister fun with them. Praying for an easy fast labor. Can't wait to see Evie's precious face. I love her name. I grew up listening to Evie Tournquist-Karlsson so that is what I think of when you say Evie.
Hugs and prayers
Rachel in TN
PS Violet's birthday is the 15th of June so maybe you could have her then. HAHA