Monday, March 17, 2008

Kitty: The Other Favorite Toy

Although Bobo did in fact receive the first post on my blog, I must make a clarification: Bobo is my favorite stuffed toy; Kitty is my favorite rubber toy. I recently began the "raw meat (and other things) diet" (see Raw Meat: It's What's For Dinner). While shopping for my new food, mom discovered a toy that she felt I just had to have. I was at home, and dad was shopping with her so he wasn't so sure about said toy. However, mom triumphed and brought home Kitty, my rubber dog toy that is shaped like a cat. She quickly became my new best friend.

I take her everywhere: the family room, the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, the library (aka our spare has three bookcases in it and has therefore been dubbed the library), dad's office, our bedroom (yes, I have the best parents ever...I sleep in my crate next to their bed), my crate, the bathroom, the backyard...oh wait, I can't take Kitty outside. Who told parents toys couldn't be both inside and outside toys? I think that's a dumb rule. Kitty should be able to see the world!

Well, because of my great affinity for Kitty, within about a week and a half, I managed to chew off the back of her head, thus revealing her squeaker. Mom and dad took her away--for my safety or some such silly thing--and I walked around the house dazed and confused looking for her. The next day, mom and dad took me with them to the recently discovered pet food store, Meat for Cats & Dogs, my new favorite store! Low and behold, they had one Kitty left. My new Kitty has magically changed from orange to blue, but I love her just the same. What's not to love?

(Oh, and mom then went on and bought me five more kitties to make sure we have a good stock on hand for when this Kitty meets her fate.)

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