Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My New Friend Bobo

So my mommy hasn't done the best job at actually using this blog; however, I have a new toy that demands posting (i.e. the video is too large to email). Mommy's fantastic boss, Pam, saw a wonderful pet store commercial where a wiener dog was going to the pet store with his parents to get a new Bobo. His was tattered and dirty (the story of every well-loved toy, I'm afraid) so his parents were buying him a new one (could the original ever really be replaced?). Well, Pam was at Walgreens and found me my very own Bobo! Much to her grandson's dismay (who had the gall to try a take my Bobo home with him...sheesh!), she brought my Bobo to mommy at work yesterday. Last night, as soon as mommy arrived home, she gave me my Bobo. The following footage ensued.

**WARNING: My mommy is cheap and therefore does not have a high quality camera. Therefore, this video footage adds at least 1 pound to my slim and trim body. Oh, and it's kind of dark and fuzzy too.

Unfortunately, just after this video was taken, Bobo sustained an injury...
But never fear, my mommy is quite the surgeon and was able to stitch him right back up...
Oh, and I am quite the multi-tasker. While using my ingenious wit to write this prose, I am also thrashing my Bobo around ferociously and smacking mommy with the soggyness.

And Grandma, my all time favorite blanky happens to be the one you crocheted for mom and dad for their wedding. I don't normally have it on my bed in the living room; however, I recently decided to piddle on it when it fell of their bed and it somehow ended up on my bed after being washed. Teehee.

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Unknown said...

COCO!! We are so glad that you have joined the blogging world!! We look forward to watching you progress in doggy-hood.