Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photos Galore

Here are a bunch of photos to catch you up on our past few weeks...

 Meeting Great Grandma Jo.

"Here, let me help you with that."

 "But I want to drive!"

 Tummy time with daddy.

 Tasty fingers.

 Hanging out in her Pack'N'Play at our friends Darren and Julie's house while we played a game.  She slept a little but mostly just rolled around contentedly playing with her blanket and socks.

 Again, playing with the socks.


 Making a cute face.

 Tummy time.

 Similar faces.

 Peas for the first time.

 She seemed to like them, especially when allowed to feed herself.

 Showing off one of the pairs of leg warmers I sewed her out of womens knee-high socks.

 Just hanging out.

 Ellie's first Get Well Soon card.

 From her not-so-secret love, Anthony.  Hehe.


Kenny The Wolf said...

The second picture cracks me up. Kids these days - younger and younger showing older generations how to use technology!

Claire said...

That card is adorable!


Anonymous said...

I love that she has a stuffed animal that looks just like Coco!! They are both cute as ever!

Jamie & Veda

Susan said...

Ellie's looking a lot like her Daddy in the "Relaxing" photo!