Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Afternoon Park Visit

The weather here has been (mostly) gorgeous for the past week or so.  We've been wanting to take Ellie to the park ever since seeing this post of her NICU buddy Anthony.  But we've been busy with preparing the house for the baby, chasing Ellie around and doing our part to help out with a remodel Kit's dad's been working on in our family room (tearing out our indoor brick barbecue and putting in a large pantry in its place).

Today Kit, Ellie and I all had some free time at the same time so we walked to a nearby park.  Here are photos and a video of our trip.

At first she thought swinging was boring.  She just sort of sat in the swing staring around as if to say, "This is it?  What's all the hype about?"

 But then her daddy started to swing her higher and higher.

 And she fell in love with swinging.

Sorry this is sideways, but it shows the fun she had.  Enter swing02202010 to watch.
Ellie's First Swing from Lindy Kurtz on Vimeo.

She liked the see-saw but thought eating it sounded more fun than riding it.

Before we left, daddy took advantage of the lack of ceilings.

And tossed Ellie into the air a few times.

If that isn't sheer bliss, I don't know what is.

Daddy's little girl enjoyed her time and was nice and sleepy when we got home.


Becca Sue Congdon said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of her flying in the air. So much fun!

Claire said...

What cute pictures! I'm glad y'all enjoyed the park!


Susan Carson said...

Wow!!! Those Ellie flying pictures are great- Supergirl! Let's all go to the park together soon.

Amanda said...

Bliss indeed!!! That's such a priceless picture of her flying in the air.

Sara said...

Oh, look at that face as she flies through the air! So precious!

Kendra said...

That is SHEER BLISS For sure!!!

steph said...

Baby Elise is so very precious. Jackson and Cullen also LOVE to swing at the park. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers as you await the arrival of baby sister.