Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vocal Cord Update

On Thursday we went to the pediatric ENT to check on Elise's left vocal cord that was damaged in July when she had the coil placed in her heart.  Kit took a mini-vacation Thursday through Monday and was able to go to the appointment with us.  I wasn't sure what all the appointment would entail, but this is the same doctor's office where Elise had a huge spit up in my cupped hands while we were waiting for the doctor to come back into the exam room with his scope.  And where he put a scope through her nostril and down her throat to be able to check on her vocal cord, which left her with burst blood vessels in her face from crying so hard.  Not a fun appointment to relive.

Although her voice sounds fine now, the doctor did need to scope again to be able to see if the vocal cord had in fact healed.  He said that it was actually good to get it done now because she's getting close to the age where she'd have to go to the hospital and be given anesthesia for the procedure.  As is, she just needed a topical freezing agent to help keep it from hurting too much.  She didn't spit up this time; however, she did sob and burst blood vessels in her face again from crying so hard.

The good news is that everything looked good!  We hadn't been concerned because he said even in the case of permanent damage that the right vocal cord would make up for the deficit.  But it was good to hear that the left vocal cord is working normally.

And if anyone is looking for a pediatric ENT in the Portland area (his office is downtown in NW), let me know because this guy is fabulous.

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