Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo Update

Just got around to going through some photos from the past week and a half.  Here they are...

Took this to show how big she's getting in comparison to her bouncy seat.  It's still her chair of choice for drinking her formula, and she still loves to bouncy away while she drinks.

Her first ride on a rocking "horse" (aka dog) toy.

She thought this was pretty amazing and held herself up all alone while daddy rocked her.

 Her first time driving.  She was pretty good!

I love this little girl!

Showing of her first pair of shoes!  She's not super thrilled with them but tolerates having them on.  We got them so that her feet will keep warmer when we're out and about.

We had to wake her from a nap to go to a doctor's appointment so I snapped a quick sleeping photo since it's something we don't normally see.

Showing off her toothy grin after a bath.

Attempting to stand up at her dresser.




Amanda said...

Look at that adorable toothy baby with some little chubby on her! Way to go Mommy! Cadence is two and a half and her bouncy seat is by far her favorite place to drink her bottles. Only now she has to "share" with Jelly Bean :)

Claire said...

What a pretty girl!


Becca Sue Congdon said...

Yay! Where were the car and doggy pictures taken at? Fun, fun, fun!

Susan Carson said...

The 4th photo down from the bottom is priceless. Ellie looks like she's carefully executing a left turn for her road test!