Saturday, February 6, 2010

Playing on the Back Patio

Lately Ellie has been loving any time she spends outside.  So last Saturday afternoon I took her out on the back patio with a blanket and a basket of toys to play with.  She had a great time playing on the blanket until she rolled her little cookie jar shape toy off of the blanket.  After that, she enjoyed crawling all over the dirty patio exploring.  Here are photos and videos of her exploits...











Showing off her dirty coat.  And this was after I pulled off what I could.  I tried to get a picture of her dirty socks but she was too wiggly.

Enter 01patio01302010 to watch.

Enter 02patio01302010 to watch.


Heidi said...

I guess you don't live where there is snow today. She looks adorable even in her "dirty" coat. She must have had a great time! Congratulations on expecting another sweet little girl. It is wonderful having sisters.

Sara said...

She looks so adorable all bundled up! How fun!